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For flat-screen TV presentations, a universal mobile TV cart is an amazing resource, providing a user the chance to modify how visuals are angled and where the presentation is set up. Teachers enjoy mobile TV carts for their ability to wheel on and wheel off, ensuring the TV does not need to be carried or affixed to an uncomfortable location in the classroom. In the office, TV carts like these are commonly used for presentations where a larger screen is required. For one of the top Canadian Universal Mobile TV Cart TV Stand for LED LCD 37″-70″ screens up to 110lb, check out

PrimeCables is a premiere Canadian eCommerce retailers specializing in TV accessories and home theater system accessories. For anyone in need of a mobile TV cart for school or in-office, you won’t find a better price than at Though the market price is $199.99, we have been able to score our customers a huge deal. Receive the Universal Mobile TV Cart TV Stand for LED LCD 37″-70″ screens up to 110lb for $79.99 (limited time only!) with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. Among the customers that have used to buy a mobile TV cart, these include users who have sought to use this product in outdoor, industrial, office, school, hotel, airport, laboratory, and church settings. Though it might not be applicable in every presentation situation, for anyone determined to have a television presentation to a classroom size number of people, you can’t go wrong with a mobile TV cart stand at this price point.


There are a range of unique features that make a mobile TV cart easy to use including a dedicated platform to place a laptop and other devices. The height adjustability of the varying features also allows a user to modify the visual presentation as they see fit. This mobile TV cart includes a height adjustable camera shelf, a freely tilting mechanism, a panel height adjustment component, a height-adjustable shelf, and is built with a sturdy base with heavy-duty casters.


Leveraging the latest in mobile cart technology, receive a high quality product at a fraction of the cost you would pay in-store. Even better, with, free returns and a 1-year guarantee is included with each mobile TV cart purchase.


Communicate a professional video presentation and showcase your visuals right with a mobile TV cart to deliver the message. The mobility of the TV cart means it can be moved around the room as you need it, ensuring it is never in the way and can always be moved to where you need it.


Buy your mobile TV cart today from, an expert Canadian eCommerce TV accessory marketplace!


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