How to Install a TV Wall Mount on Drywall

install a tv mount on drywall
install a tv mount on drywall


So you just bought a new flat-screen TV and you want to get it mounted on your drywall. Here’s what we recommend.

How to install a TV wall mount on drywall begins by consulting the manufacturer’s instruction first and taking note of the package contents. Verify that everything is there, no brackets are bent, and that there are no defects.

Then, go through a dry run of assembling everything. By going through a dry run, you can note where there may be potential problems and it can help to visualize the layout. Consider what you need to wire, the cables that will be hanging down, and what devices you will be hooking up to your flat-screen. These need to be accommodated for after your TV wall mount has been installed to drywall.


Now that you’re ready to mount the TV, find two studs in the drywall to which the mount will be installed. By employing a stud finder, this might be the fastest way to do this. From here, ensure that everything is aligned properly from stud to stud. Prior to making any holes in the wall, do a test run of attaching the brackets to the TV to ensure that there are no issues. The last thing you want is to install a wall mount that does not physically match your TV.


Measure the wall space, determine where you want the TV to be positioned, and now, drill into the studs to create the holes for the mount. Always use a level to maximize alignment and ensure that nothing is coming up crooked. A miscalculation on an improper alignment will result in having to drill a second time.


After the upper and lower holes have been drilled, all that is left to do is to attach the TV mount to the wall. Always ensure that they have been properly fastened and are secure, prior to hanging a television screen on it. As you put screws into the stud, you should feel them biting in. If they are spinning loosely, there’s a problem.


After the TV wall mount is installed on the drywall, the last part is installing the TV on the mount. In most cases, there are hooks around the top brackets. Attach these to the back of the flat-screen. There may be two or more screws that need to be tightened in order to do this. The last thing to do now is just to double-check and make sure everything is secure. In essence, that’s it. That’s how you install a TV wall mount on drywall. Again, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instruction prior to beginning as to ensure there are no unexpected surprises. Have fun!

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