Read Reviews of TV Wall Mounts from PrimeCables

Some of Canada’s best TV wall mounts can be found in the PrimeCables catalogue. With over 100 different selections to browse, it can be tough knowing what the best model is for your preference.


Many TV wall mount buyers have gone to customer reviews to get their answer. The huge benefit of product reviews for TV wall mounts is that they provide insight into the experiences that other buyers have had with these models. Whether they’re all that they’re cracked up to be can be found in these kinds of reviews, making them recommended literature for any interested buyers.


For those that are new to PrimeCables, we have been serving Canadians since 2007. As a major name in mounts and sit-stands, we specialize in a range of sit-stand desk solutions, TV wall mounts and stands, monitor desk mounts, speaker and projector mounts, tablet and phone mounts, and ergonomic accessories.


Saving Canadians hundreds off key items, choose from dozens of different models in categories such as TV wall mounts where discounts are sometimes up to 70% off. There are a number of benefits to shopping with PrimeCables, including a 1-year product guarantee, free returns, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on any order above $49. Find the perfect TV wall mount for your home, with exclusive models for dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and outdoor.


There are several TV wall mounts in the PrimeCables catalogue that have received rave reviews including the TygerClaw 10″ – 32″ Full Motion Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount for $48.20, the TygerClaw 32″ – 63″ Fixed Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount for $46.01, the TygerClaw 37″ – 63″ Fixed Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount for $49.99, and the TygerClaw 23″ – 42″ Fixed Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount for $49.99.


Customer reviews can be found at the bottom of each product page. We recommend taking a quick glance through these to get a sense of whether other customers found satisfaction with their purchase. TV wall mounts are an extremely classy accessory for the home and, that said, we want to make sure every customer that comes through our site walks away with a positive buyer experience. Product reviews are an important component to that.


So to anyone who has bought a TV wall mount in Canada from PrimeCables, we encourage you to leave a review detailing your experience. Though not every product in our TV wall mount catalogue is the recipient of five-star reviews, we stand by the high quality of these products. You’re buying from the best when you buy from PrimeCables!

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