The Lowest Price HDMI Cable you can Buy starts from only $2.99!

Buy the best hdmi cable at primecables
Buy the best hdmi cable at primecables

Searching for the lowest priced HDMI cables with Ethernet connectivity, you may not be aware what to look out for. Attempting to find high quality at the lowest price does not always mix. Specializing in HDMI cables in Canada, PrimeCables is here to help with high quality cables at some of the most affordable prices in the country.


Buy HDMI cables from as low as $2.99. Select the connectors you need, the adapters you may want, and the length that works best. These type of HDMI cables are becoming more prevalent in home theater and home entertainment setups than ever before. If you’ve not already taken advantage of HDMI technology, we recommend browsing PrimeCables today for the latest deals.

There are four main types of HDMI cables that may or may not be applicable to your personal home setup. There’s high speed HDMI cables with and without Ethernet, and then, standard speed HDMI cables with and without Ethernet. Today’s manufacturing of HDMI cables are typically all high-speed with Ethernet however you may have an earlier model if you’ve not bought in the last couple years. If this is the case, we may recommend getting an upgrade, particularly should you want to increase the length of the cable. For example, running an HDMI cable that is only 3 feet may not be long enough to connect a device to the TV set. Instead, you may need a cable that is six feet or ten feet in length. No worries, we have them.


For roughly a decade, HDMI cables have been gaining in popularity as the go-to cable for connecting computers, TVs, external monitors, gaming consoles, streaming boxes, and more. The HDMI standard has continued to progress in this time, becoming faster and more advanced. PrimeCables has some of the highest quality HDMI cables on the market and we stand by the product we sell. That’s why when you buy HDMI cables from PrimeCables, we offer a 1-year guarantee and free returns ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, let’s say you’re in the market for other kinds of cables, if your order exceeds $49 in value, we provide fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


Price should not stop anyone from owning one of the most advanced consumer cables currently on the market. For only $2.99, that’s a very inexpensive investment for a cable with 4K capability and that is built to last. Visit PrimeCables today for more on this exclusive offer!

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