HDMI or DisplayPort, Which is Better for my Computer Monitor – read here!

HDMI and DisplayPort both have their advantages. Which should you use to hook up your computer to your monitor – well, the answer lies in what type of monitor you have and how you plan on using it.


Whether you already have a computer monitor set up or are considering buying a new one, the ports you have are the ports you have and that’s pretty permanent. Take a look behind your monitor and computer, and see what you’re working with. You may have DisplayPort or HDMI depending. Although there are PrimeCables adapters which can be purchased to modify the ports you have, all in all, you’re going to be working with whatever you got going on already.


As you can imagine, different ports carry with them different capabilities. Gaming monitors typically carry with them at least two different port types – HDMI and DisplayPort.


HDMI cables are one of the most popular consumer cables available, used on TVs of all varieties. Achieve high-definition video and audio in a single cable. There are multiple versions of HDMI cables available – such as HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and HDMI 2.1. The differences between them are admittedly minimal however they do count. The great thing about HDMI ports is that they incorporate FreeSync technology usually which reduces and eliminates screen tearing in games by matching the monitor’s refresh rate to your video card’s frame rate.


DisplayPort is similar to HDMI however DisplayPort is more common to PCs than TVs. Using DisplayPort, you get high-definition video and audio just like HDMI and also come in different standards – DisplayPort 1.2, DisplayPort 1.3, and DisplayPort 1.4. Although some have the perception that HDMI is better than DisplayPort cables, it is the latte which is featured on some of Canada’s best computer monitors. DisplayPort also carries FreeSync technology and can also be used to split a signal across multiple monitors – something which multiple HDMI ports would be required to achieve.


So which one you choose depends on you. HDMI and DisplayPort are very much equal. DisplayPort carries a little more versatility to it however HDMI is a little easier to use. Oftentimes, available ports will make the decision for you on which to use.


PrimeCables has DisplayPort cables, HDMI cables, computer monitor cables, and much more available on-sale. If you don’t have the right ports on your computer and devices, consider browsing some of our adapters which are equipped with the right technology to instantly convert your ports into something more accommodating. Shop with Canada’s own PrimeCables today.

HDMI vs. DisplayPort – Which is Better for Gaming

Getting the best high-definition picture quality for your gaming system involves many different variables. Typically, things, like having a great graphic card and pairing it with a high quality monitor, is important. Nevertheless, those are not the only things that influence video quality. Surprisingly, cable has a huge role to play. If you’ve got a basic audio-video cable, expect to receive a signal that is… well, basic.

PrimeCables: Differences betweem Displayport, DVI and VGA cables
PrimeCables: Differences betweem Displayport, DVI and VGA cables


There’s no shortage of advanced audio-video cables for gaming available. The most popular gaming cables are VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. VGA and DVI cables are somewhat antiquated though you can still get a pretty good signal from them. DVI is familiar but has its limitation and VGA capability is on its way out, though either may be appropriate for a low-end video card. By far, when searching for the most advanced cable, you’ll want to go with either HDMI or DisplayPort. But, which one is better – that’s what we’re here to discuss.


The argument for HDMI


HDMI stands for “high definition multimedia interface” and is considered the most advanced home theater consumer cable today. HDMI cables can be used to connect gaming consoles, an A/V receiver, or streaming media box. For computer-based monitor systems, they will likely have HDMI inputs ready to go. The most advanced HDMI cable on the market today is HDMI 2.1, capturing up to 8K video when possible. Also, it maintains a 48 Gbps-bandwidth, impressive specifications supporting HDR, enhanced audio return channel functionality and more. Now, there are some HDMI 4K cables limited to a 30 Hz refresh rate. For gaming, that’s not great so you may wish to buy a more advanced HDMI cable or to seek out DisplayPort.


The argument for DisplayPort


Most modern video cards are equipped with DisplayPort connections. DisplayPorts are rarely found on contemporary flat-screens however they are present on computer monitors and similar setups. Depending on the refresh technology used, sometimes you may be forced to use a DisplayPort cable. For example, FreeSync requires an HDMI cable whereas Nvidia’s G-Sync requires DisplayPort. Though HDMI is portrayed as superior to DisplayPort, that’s not necessarily true. The latest update on DisplayPort includes 32.4Gbps of bandwidth and an impressive 3:1 lossless compression ratio which makes it perfect for some gaming setups.


Whether you choose HDMI or DisplayPort, there’s a lot to weigh. If you choice is not already preordained, do your research. HDMI supports higher maximum resolutions however one would have to have a massive system to accommodate its top end specifications. Arguably, a DisplayPort cable makes more sense for gamers, especially those on multiple monitors.


Browse monitors, DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort cables for gaming at Canada’s top cable eCommerce site, PrimeCables!

About HDMI 2.1 – Here’s Everything you Need to Know about the New Standard

HDMI 2.1 has arrived in full force and is taking the home theater world by storm with impressive audio-visual capabilities unlike what’s been possible in previous home theater cables. As technology marches further on towards higher definition TV content, meet the ultimate cable to match.

Get hdmi 2.1 cable at PrimeCables.ca
Get hdmi 2.1 cable at PrimeCables.ca

The new standard promises no-lag gaming, amazing high-definition, and officially reigns in the time of 8K HDMI cables. It’s been years since HDMI cables first hit the market. Discarding older connectors and confusing audio-video cables, they ushered in a time of a single standard home theater cable fully capable of carrying amazing audio and video signals. In the past decade, there’s been continual improvement towards making HDMI cables better and better. As TV technology has progressed, that has meant upgrading to 4K and now to 8K. Prior to HDMI 2.1, cables could not support 8K content at 60 frames per second. Now, for the first time, they can.


That’s not the only feature to get excited about relating to HDMI 2.1 cables. These cables also come with several support features including variable refresh rates, dynamic HDR, and quick media switching. In an era where we are connecting more and more devices and software to our flat-screens, using an HDMI 2.1 cable, you’ll find it easier than ever to switch between signals. Needless to say, if you’re looking for fast refresh rates, home theater HDMI cables like this are perfect. For gamers, home theater enthusiasts, and others in need of that reliable, fast signal, this marks a significant improvement over the prior standard.


The biggest proving ground for the HDMI 2.1 cable will be the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as they are set to be broadcast by NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster, in 8K-120. For as much hoopla as 4K has received, expect 8K’s marketing push to be even bigger. Though not a future-proof cable by any means, this iteration of an HDMI cable is capable of going up to 10K at 120 Hz. Sure, not everyone needs 8K resolution. For those that love that crystal clear high-definition experience though, there’s nothing as advanced as this. Furthermore, those obsessed with virtual reality (VR), this is a sector targeting high resolution and high frame rates.


All in all, HDMI 2.1 cables is the go-to home theater cable for 4K, 8K, and beyond. As we move towards more advanced television broadcasts and an era of 8K TVs, suit up with the most advanced HDMI cable available.


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How to use the HDMI switch?

There are more than a dozen HDMI switches in the PrimeCables catalogue that have become Canadian favourites. If you’ve ever wanted to connect multiple HDMI devices to a single flat-screen TV or monitor, begin by browsing HDMI switches priced as low as $17.99.


HDMI switches work well with cameras, gaming consoles, laptops, DVD players, Blu-Ray Disc players, monitors, and so much more. HDMI switches can range from the most basic to those with more unique, advanced features you may not have considered before.


We can’t emphasize enough to never buy an HDMI switch from a cheap source. Cheaply made HDMI switches pose a safety danger to your electronics. That’s not what you want. Buy from a trusted source like PrimeCables to take advantage of a Canadian-made product that is high quality and yet still priced favorably cheap.


Next time you think you’re stuck with a TV with a single HDMI input, know you’re not. Connecting multiple HDMI devices to a single screen is easily accomplishable using a switch. Using your HDMI switch box, you won’t have to swop out different cables. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to switch between signals as you please. It’s as easy as pressing a button on your remote!


For an HDMI switch to two screens, you may consider the Blackbird 2×1 HDMI switch 1080p for $17.99 or the Blackbird 2×1 HDMI 1.4 switch pigtail HDCP 1080p for $26.99.


For an HDMI switch to three screens, there’s the Blackbird 3×1 HDMI 1.4 switch 1080p for $15.99, the 3×1 Pigtail HDMI 1080p switch in black for $9.99, and an HDMI amplifier switcher 4K with built-in equalizer and remote for $24.99.


For an HDMI switch for up to 4 screens, we have the 4×1 HMI switcher with full 3D and 4K support with ultra-high definition video and audio for $24.99.


Finding the best HDMI switch for your setup depends on many things. The type of media, length of HDMI cables, and home theater setup all have a role to play. If you’re unsure on what to choose for an HDMI switch, please feel encouraged to browse the PrimeCables catalogue.


The great thing about shopping with PrimeCables is any time you shop with us, you’re going to receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee ensuring maximum satisfaction with your purchase, and a ‘free shipping’ coupon included on all orders above $49.


For the ultimate HDMI switch built high quality yet priced cheaply, visit PrimeCables. See discounts up to 75% off!

What is an HDMI splitter and when do you need it?

For home theater enthusiasts, gamers, video editors, and home entertainment system owners, splitting up video signal between multiple screens is something a lot of people chase after. Now, there are obviously different ways to go about doing this, using mirrors, extenders, and all sorts of gizmos.


Though those options exist, the single product which is perhaps safest to use, and one which will deliver the highest quality performance and video signal, is an HDMI splitter. If you have an HDMI connector on your flat-screen, using an HDMI splitter is exactly what you’re going to want. Instantly send a single HDMI video to multiple screens.


HDMI splitters are built to duplicate a single HDMI source on two or more HDMI displays. Doing this via Bluetooth or streaming device connection is sometimes called “mirroring”. If you’ve ever mirrored one device to your flat-screen, you’ve likely seen its limitations. Using an HDMI splitter, you can show the same audio and video simple as that. Note that this is not an HDMI switch which is something entirely different. A splitter splits a single source into two signals while a switch works by taking multiple sources of video, providing the user the opportunity to move between them.


If you’re looking for a two-way HDMI splitter, there’s the massive and professional grade HDMI extender 1×2 splitter manufactured from Monoprice for $161.99, and the much more affordable HDMI splitter 1×2 with full 3D and 4K HDMI connection for $34.99.


If you’re looking for a four-way HDMI splitter, there’s the 1×4 HDMI amplifier splitter over Cat6 complete solution kit from Monoprice for $319.99, the Blackbird 4K 1×4 HDMI splitter with 4K support for $69.99, and the 4K-supported HDMI splitter metal powered amplifier with chipsets for $31.99.


If you’re looking for an eight-way HDMI splitter, see the Monoprice-manufactured 1×8 HDMI amplifier splitter over Cat5e/Cat6 complete solution kit for $519.99. ‘Free shipping’ coupon included, some of the eight-way HDMI splitters features include gold-plated HDMI connectors, uncompressed audio, eight-bit per channel deep color, and easy installation.


Reviewing these HDMI splitters and so many others, they range in price. If you are looking for something high quality and that won’t break your bank, PrimeCables can help. Even better, ‘free shipping’ is included on any purchase or order above $49. Choose the look, design, and features which appeal best to you, and get ready to take advantage of a multi-purpose HDMI splitter which can do no wrong. Shop PrimeCables today!

Buy HDMI for Full 4K Support

4K ultra-HD resolution is not always achievable on the average home theater system if system components have not been upgraded to accommodate the advanced video quality. A home theater HDMI cable is a necessary component in need of an upgrade if it isn’t already 4K.

HDMI 4K cables can notoriously be quite expensive. Searching Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and other sources, one can find HDMI 4K cables priced well above where we think is appropriate. Though they are high quality cables most of the time, there’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg. Instead, shop with PrimeCables, Canada’s favourite eCommerce discount retailer for cables, adapters, and other home theater accessories.

Browsing PrimeCables, you’ll find several HDMI 4K cable options to potentially enjoy. There’s the more inexpensive options, including HDMI 2.0 3 ft. zinc-alloy UHD 4K for $4.99 and the HDMI 2.0 cables 6 ft. zinc-allow UDH 4K for $7.99. Switching from a less than 4K HDMI cable to a 4K cable, you’ll immediately notice a difference in picture quality. If you’ve struggled to achieve 4K before, an HDMI cable like this is exactly what you need to ensure you achieve a high quality picture.

There are also premium HDMI 4K cables with Nylon jacket protection available from the PrimeCables Mamba Series, such those in 3 feet for $7.99, 6 feet for $8.99, and 10 feet for $11.99. The advantages of the Nylon jacket protection is that they are chew-proof and great if you have pets, won’t bend or warp under extreme temperatures, and are built stronger than their non-Nylon counterparts.

The ultimate thing to look out for when buying an HDMI cable for 4K support is to ensure that they do in fact support 4K. Just because it’s HDMI, it does not necessarily mean it supports 4K. Be sure to look at the specifications to verify. 4K is a wonderful standard to aim for and to achieve it, anything influencing your video is going to need to be able to carry the signal. Be it a gaming console, your flat-screen or projector, and the cables you are using, 4K can be difficult to reach sometimes because consumers may not know everything that requires an upgrade. 4K comes with an amazing frame rate, sharp colors, and deep blacks. If you want 4K, get the best from PrimeCables.

Shop PrimeCables for 4K HDMI cables and other home theater accessories. Instantly, you’ll get to an an optimum home theater experience just by upgrading your cables to accommodate what your flat-screen is capable of. Visit PrimeCables for more information on 4K home theater support!

Buy an Inexpensive High Quality HDMI Cable with your Back to School Shopping

Instead of paying for an overpriced HDMI cable, go eCommerce with PrimeCables and save! Searching for an inexpensive high quality HDMI cable in Canada is not easy. Corporate retail marks up the prices high and models considered to be more upscale see themselves priced out of range for most households.


To combat these trends, PrimeCables has worked with its HDMI cable suppliers to bring the price down to a more affordable level. Thus, when you shop with PrimeCables, know that you’re receiving the best quality cable for the best price.


Though back to school shopping might not be directly associated with HDMI cables, it’s unexpectedly a great time to buy. HDMI cables help to connect laptops and over devices to TVs and other screens. For presentations, watching your favourite TV shows during study breaks, and more, HDMI cables on sale for back to school shopping are a hard deal to pass up for some. Particularly for students going to university or college this September, a small HDMI cable can be a great way to connect their laptop to the TV for those family Skype calls.


Browse HDMI 2.0 4K cables, HDMI cables with Ethernet, HDMI to VGA, HDMI to DVI, HDMI micro cables, HDMI mini cables, high-speed HDMI, HDMI flat-type and ultra-slim, and more. Some of the biggest selling HDMI cables for the back to school shopping season include the HDMI to HDMI 6Ft cable Premium 3D,1.4 High Speed Ethernet Cable (Gold Plated) – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $2.99, the HDMI to HDMI 25Ft cable Premium 3D,1.4, 24K Gold Plated – PrimeCables® for $10.99, and the HDMI to HDMI 10Ft cable Premium 3D,1.4, 24K Gold Plated – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $4.99.


Imagine being able to get an HDMI cable for under $12 that does everything you need it to and that gives you the peace of mind knowing you have a reliable piece of tech that won’t give you on you. That’s what you get when you shop with PrimeCables. Get HDMI cables that do the best possible job at delivering high quality video signal from your device to the monitor in no time. There’s no reason to throw your money away on high-priced cables in retail. Believe us when we say expensive HDMI cables are a waste of money!


Back to school shopping season in Canada with PrimeCables will save you tons on HDMI cables, adapters, mounts, ergonomic sit-stand desks, home theater accessories, tools, network solutions, and more. When you buy your favourite high quality HDMI cable today from PrimeCables, enjoy free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49!

What is an HDMI Splitter and Why it is Useful in the Office

HDMI splitters can be one of the most appreciated tools to a home entertainment system. What an HDMI splitter allows a user to do is take a signal and then, distribute it to multiple TVs. Thereby, imagine having a Blu-Ray player, a media cable box, or a satellite box. Through a splitter, one can further expand the limitations of a single signal and easily distribute it across a Canadian household.


Beyond using it in the home, an HDMI splitter can also be used in the office to do the same thing. For an office with multiple TVs, instead of paying additional fees to get multiple signals going, sometimes the cheaper route to do that by is with an HDMI splitter.


Thankfully, through PrimeCables, an HDMI splitter can be purchased on big discount. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sources for cables, adapters, switches, and splitters, PrimeCables has literally dozens of HDMI splitters and related products on sale right now.


The most popular HDMI splitters and related products purchased through PrimeCables includes the HDMI Splitter 1×2 with Full 3D and 4K×2K (340MHz)Metal Shell-Real HDMI V1.4 for $34.99, the PrimeCables® 4K Support HDMI splitter 1×4 Metal Powered Amplifier with EP chipsets for $46.99, the Blackbird 4K 1×2 HDMI® Pigtail Splitter – Monoprice® for $29.99, and the HDBase – T HDMI® Extender/1×2 Splitter – Monoprice® for $161.99.


As evidenced, the price range is pretty vast in terms of the type of splitters available and what might work for your personal office setup. It might not hurt to do some comparison between products, including reading customer reviews to get a sense of if a high-end model is needed. In some cases, a more affordable HDMI splitter in Canada might be the recommended way to go.


There are numerous benefits to HDMI splitters in the home and in the office, including lower satellite or TV subscription fees and the opportunity to send a signal up to fifty feet away. In using an HDMI splitter, is becomes equally important to use high quality HDMI cables to match. Fortunately, PrimeCables also has several HDMI cables to browse as well, ensuring that you get the best possible deal for everything you need.


Through the use of an HDMI splitter, send audio and video easily from the source to across the home or office. Buy your HDMI splitter today from PrimeCables and receive free shipping on any orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee ensuring you are 100% satisfied. High quality products at discount prices for Canadians to enjoy is what we do best. Shop with PrimeCables.


PrimeCables’ Shopping Tips – the only Place to get your HDMI Splitter Cheap and Good

3b9da-PrimeCables-CAB-CEHSP0102-HDMI-DVI-Splitters-HDMI-Splitter-1-2-with-Full-3D-and-4K-2K-340MHz-Metal-Shell-Real-HDMI-V1-4If you’re looking for a cheaply priced, affordable high performance HDMI splitter, you have come to the right place. PrimeCables is a premiere Canadian eCommerce brand specializing in cables, adapters, splitters, and more. A focal point of our business is in offering high quality products at some of the lowest pricing in Canada. High quality HDMI splitters are notoriously expensive and can be hard to come by. For consumers looking to save money while still having a high quality product on their hands, shopping with PrimeCables is the way to go.


Choose from across dozens of HDMI splitters and related products. Featuring advanced technology, capable of the highest definition of picture quality, built to list, and stylishly built, an HDMI splitter can add significant functionality to your home theater setup. If you feel as if your existing HDMI ports are limiting the devices you can plug into your flat-screen, an HDMI splitter is the ideal solution. Relatively inexpensive through the PrimeCables store, thousands of Canadian households, tech gurus, and media aficionados have turned to us for HDMI splitters. Through one of our splitters, receive an easy and reliable way to connect devices and to keep them connected.


When you shop with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Some of the biggest selling products in the HDMI splitter category, these include the HDMI Splitter 1×2 with Full 3D and 4K×2K (340MHz)Metal Shell-Real HDMI V1.4 for $34.99, the PrimeCables® 4K Support HDMI splitter 1×4 Metal Powered Amplifier with EP chipsets for $46.99, and the Blackbird 4K 1×2 HDMI® Pigtail Splitter – Monoprice® for $29.99. Depending on what your needs are, you may want to mix different products complementary to splitters, such as switchers, extenders, audio distribution and sound system setups, and signals managers. We have it all at PrimeCables!


At these price points, you won’t find a higher quality HDMI splitter in Canada than what is available through PrimeCables. At the heart of everything we do is being able to bring pricing down to an affordable level. The new HDMI splitters in the PrimeCables catalogue can help distribute video as you see fit, providing you the chance to build the video and audio hub of your dreams. For every installation need, enjoy cheap HDMI splitters that won’t sacrifice reliability or quality. Shop today with PrimeCables for more information on how to split up signals up to 4K.

PrimeCables’ Birthday Shopping Guide – 32” HD 720p TV

primecables LED TV deal
primecables LED TV deal

This June, PrimeCables’ is celebrating its birthday and is offering exclusive deals, promotions, and some of our deepest price cuts yet. As PrimeCables has experienced its highest sales on record in the past year, our exclusive birthday shopping guide features limited-time offers that we’re confident any Canadian can appreciate. Among the items on discount are a High Definition TV 720p with LED backlit, 32” IPS LCD Panel television, originally priced for $279.99 and reduced to $195.99.

Buy this 32” HD 720p TV via PrimeCables for $195.99 and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. See crisp, clear picture with 720p resolution and an LED backlit display. The specifications of the TV includes a 60Hz refresh rate with reduced motion blur, dual 7W speakers for enhanced audio, coaxial digital output to connect a multi-channel audio receiver and surround system, three HDMI inputs, one with ARC capabilities, and one VGA input, permitting the connection of multiple high-definition devices, including laptops, smartphones, media streaming devices, and more.


PrimeCables’ has been serving Canadians since 2007, growing alongside the country’s eCommerce needs and providing the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Any order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, and we also provide free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on all items ordered online through PrimeCables – this includes this 32” HD 720p TV.


Come and celebrate PrimeCables’ birthday with us this June. Canadian households have long come to PrimeCables searching for the latest in cables, adapters, tools and appliances, network solutions, home entertainment accessories, musical instrument accessories, mounts and sit-stands, and smart home accessories. As each of these categories have grown, some special items have come across our desk that we believe are unparalleled in quality at their price point. Buying this 32” HD 720p TV evidently saves a ton on cost and will nab a consumer an excellent TV to set up in their living room, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever need be. The HDTV comes ready to be mounted – should that be an option – and has a 170-degree wide viewing angel. Stream movies, play games, watch sports, or just enjoy some time hanging out on the couch. Let’s say, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to brighten up a room, an HDTV 720p 32” makes a great centerpiece.


Please feel encouraged to browse the rest of the PrimeCables’ catalogue to find other items that may pair well with your household. Major discounts, special promos, and up to 70% off special ticket items, buy today through PrimeCables.