Why It’s important to upgrade to HDMI Cable 2.0

hdmi 2.0 cable

Any contemporary HDMI cable buying guide will recommend purchasing the most technologically advanced option you can. In terms of going with the best HDMI cable in the market, upgrading to HDMI cable 2.0 comes with many benefits. In terms of getting 4K picture via HDMI, this selection is one of your best bets.


Featuring higher quality exterior builds, faster data transfer rates, and extensive tech support inside, upgrading your cables to the 2.0 standard is well worth the investment. Just think about the picture quality you can enjoy with 4K. To get there, an HDMI 2.0 cable is recommended, available today from PrimeCables for as little as $4.99.


For every home theater setup, HDMI cables are a necessity so we recommend buying a few just in case any of your existing collection should give out. Though PrimeCables offers free returns and a 1-year guarantee on all of its products, in the moment, you don’t want to find yourself with a cable that is not working. Most Canadian households that have come to us searching for high quality HDMI cables end up leaving with at least a couple, including an extra.


Finding what works for the price point and quality you are searching for might be troublesome at a corporate retailer. With PrimeCables though, we cut out the middle man. Upgrading to HDMI 2.0 cable has never been this easy.


Browse some of the top quality products in this category in Canada with PrimeCables, including a HDMI® 2.0 Cables 6Ft (Zinc-Alloy) – Licensed for $7.99, a Premium HDMI® 2.0 Cables with Nylon Jacket for $8.99, and a HDMI® 2.0 Cables 10Ft (Zinc-Alloy) – Licensed for $9.99.


No home theater experience is complete without at least one HDMI cable in the mix. They connect computers, TVs, external monitor, gaming consoles, and more. If you have not yet upgraded to HDMI 2.0 cable, there’s no reason not to. Depending on the devices you own, which might include media streaming devices, HDMI cables have a range of uses. Remember, not all HDMI cables are created equal so it bears doing some research into what standard is most appropriate for you.


Visit PrimeCables today for more information on what HDMI cables may best suit your home theater setup. Assuming your HDMI cable is six years or older, we highly recommend considering an upgrade. Consider the type of connectors you need, how many HDMI 2.0 cables your setup requires, and what you need length-wise as you may be able to do with as little as three feet or require as much as ten feet. For the best HDMI cables in Canada, browse the PrimeCables catalogue.

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