When Do you Need an HDMI to VGA Cable?

vga to hdmi cable
vga to hdmi cable

Technology advances at a feverish pace, sometimes being caught in between the old standards and the new. The advantages to an HDMI to VGA cable is that it bridges the gap. Let’s say you have a television monitor or display that is not equipped with HDMI capability and only VGA, that’s where this type of cable comes in. Beyond using a cable, there is the possibility of using an adapter however doing so is bulky and not necessary when a cable makes the connection process so much easier.


HDMI to VGA cables are user-friendly and can heighten the diversity of an existing home theater system setup. Though we always advocate for an upgrade when better, more advanced technology is available, we understand some Canadian households still enjoy products with VGA outputs. There’s no reason that anyone should give that up. Instead of going with an adapter, an HDMI to VGA adapter provides a simple way to continue using VGA-output devices. Canadian households are not the only spaces where these HDMI to VGA cables are used either. Arguably, they’re even more common in professional video presentation settings, corporate conference rooms, classrooms, and more.


Buy an HDMI to VGA cable exclusively through PrimeCables at some of the lowest prices in Canada. Some of our best selling items under the HDMI to VGA cable category are the HDMI 1.4 Male to VGA Female with 3.5mm Audio Adapter, Built-in Chipset for $13.78, the VGA to HDMI Adapter with USB Audio & Power – Portable VGA to HDMI Converter 1080P for $19.99, and the HDMI to VGA active converter cable adapter M/M with Micro USB power supply – 6FT for $16.99. Any of these items and more, available through PrimeCables, comes complete with free returns and a 1-year guarantee. Even better, combine an HDMI to VGA cable with other items in the PrimeCables catalogue and see fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada.


As the world moves increasingly towards HDMI-only outputs, VGA is not going to be a cable type likely to succeed into the next generation. That said, HDMI to VGA cables today certainly have their place for those who have VGA-only devices. Keep it simple with a singular cable and enable audio-visual presentation delivery with an all-in-one solution. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, an HDMI to VGA cable is ideal for a range of uses.


HDMI to VGA cables go a long way in solving trouble for home entertainment, school video presentations, and corporate visual presentations. Visit PrimeCables today for the latest in promotions and deals on cables, adapters, and more.

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