Best Cheap 32 – Inch TV Buying Guide

Canadians looking for how to buy the best cheap 32-inch TV, use this buying guide to weigh some pros and cons, get some questions answered, and find out more information on where the best places are to look.


In general, the rule is, ‘the cheaper the TV in price, the lower quality the build’. That does not necessarily hold true with companies like PrimeCables, who specialize in discount pricing on TVs, home theater accessories, surround sound systems, and more.


The great thing about discount pricing is that it gets you the lowest price you can get for the TV and is oftentimes used to clear out inventory or to generate interest in a given productivity. The point of discount pricing is not to promote low quality TVs. It’s to get product sold so you are more likely to get a higher quality build for less through discount eCommerce retailers like PrimeCables.


Next, there are aspects of buying the best cheap 32-inch TV online that might cause one to search offline. PrimeCables has tried to combat these worries about additional costs by eliminating hidden fees altogether. In addition, we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on all purchases, ensuring full satisfaction with the 32-inch TV you buy.


The biggest barrier that we find to buying TVs online oftentimes comes down to shipping. Even corporate retailers will charge an arm and a leg for shipping. That’s not the name of the game for PrimeCables though and we don’t see that as fair. We have a general rule that any order above $49 purchased through us qualifies for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. That means, any 32-inch TV buy in the PrimeCables store will come with free shipping included!


Searching TVs online, it becomes evident that one of the best deals on the market is the 3 in 1 HD LED TV 32″ 720p IPS Panel with 6ft HDMI Cable & TV Wall Mount for only $220.99. Included in this package are a high quality 720p high-definition TV with HDMI, VGA, ARC, outputs for multi-channel audio and surround sound, dual 7W speakers, and more. A buyer will also receive an HDMI cable to plug in devices like laptops and then, there’s the wall mount. There are too many advantages to a TV wall mount to list here however including a mount in with your TV purchase provides the option to affix the TV to the wall with this product at no extra cost. It’s on us!

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