How Much Faster can the USB Type-C Charge – a Discussion

USB Type-C was imagined as a faster charging cable with more advanced data transfer than what was seen previously. That was in late 2014 as it was first announced to the marketplace. How it holds up years later is a question some have posed – well, funny they should ask. In the PrimeCables’ catalogue, we have dozens of Type-C cables and most recently, we put some of these to the test. How much faster can the USB Type-C charge – the answers may be surprising.


When Type-C is held up against contemporary competitors, predecessors which were considered standard at the time of their release, and cables from other categories, the cable showed amazing performance. There is a reason why Type-C is being talked about as having the potential of replacing traditional power cables and laptop charging cables. The adaptability of the Type-C standard has made it so that it can accommodate advancements in internal specifications. That equates to saying that as tech wizards continue to come up with faster speeds, Type-C should be able to handle these advancements for at least the next decade to come, if not longer. That alone makes Type-C a very difficult standard to argue with.


USB Type-C is marketed as a fast-charging cable with some impressive data transfer speeds. In a nutshell, that’s exactly what it delivered. In terms of speed, it is very difficult to beat. USB 3.0 internal specifications rack up speeds as high as 5 Gbps and when switched to USB 3.1, the speed can be as high as double that. In terms of compatibility, Type-C is pretty much second to none. As long as one has an adapter, using USB Type-C is easy across a number of devices. Thirdly, its sleek, modern design makes it easy to bring with you wherever you may need to go. For these reasons and more, the USB Type-C cable has received rave reviews from PrimeCables’ editors!


Type-C is fast. There is no questioning that. The alignment and structure of its connector means that, in the future, it can even get faster. That’s very exciting to us. Type-C is not only fast in data transfer but in power delivery as well. Type-C is built with 4 VBUS power lines and 4 ground lines, which work together to carry and spread power across connected devices. Type-C can currently support up to 15W and can extend up to 20V, 4A (100W) through the use of USB-PD.


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