Save up to 70% on PrimeCables’ Birthday Sale for Car Charger Deals

PrimeCables Car charger
PrimeCables Car charger is celebrating its PrimeCables birthday this upcoming June and we are so excited to welcome our customers back onto our site for some of the best savings we have ever had. Through the years, we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Canadians. As we look ahead to the remainder of 2018, we hope to continue our growth as one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for discounts.


In celebration of PrimeCables’ June birthday month, save up to 70% off select items, including the PrimeCables® 4.8A Dual Ports USB Rapid Car Charger with SmartIC Tech which is available today for only $7.99. Though many of us already carry car chargers in our vehicles, there may be a reason to upgrade. Check this out. This 4.8A dual port USB car charger has the capacity to, first, accommodate two separate devices and then, secondly, charge twice as fast. For those that have ever been out on a road trip or out on a drive through the countryside, having a charger can help give a smartphone some juice in times of need. Instead of having to decide between what smartphone to charge, between you and the passenger, a dual port can accommodate both. Also, beyond that, you will have it twice as fast!

It might not seem like much because it’s just a small item but when you’re knocking off $5-$10 here and there off of products like car chargers, it adds up quickly. Please feel encouraged to browse through the PrimeCables catalogue. There are similar discounts to the car charger deals in the categories of cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, tools and appliances, home entertainment and home theater accessories, network solutions, and smart home accessories. Save up to 70% off and receive a high quality product where you do not need to question its reliability. Any time you buy from PrimeCables, receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee ensuring full satisfaction with the item. For the 4.8A Dual Ports USB Rapid Car Charger with SmartIC Tech in particular, it comes with safety circuit design which will guard against problems like overheating, over-current, and provide over-charging protection.

So to celebrate the big, we invite all of our customers to return to our site and see for themselves the immense discounts on items such as car chargers. Even better, pair enough items together to reach a minimum threshold of $49 and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada!

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