What you Need to Know about TV Wall Mounts


If you’re limited on space and you’re looking to buy something to spice up the home entertainment room a bit, consider investing in a TV wall mount. Many Canadian households have already switched to having their TV mounted on the wall. Enjoy a more immersive viewing experience and position everything according to your needs.


What you need to know about TV wall mounts begins with the different kinds to choose from. There are the more basic, fixed setting TV wall mounts, yes. Then, there are tilting ones which offers additional glare control which is great for rooms with a lot of sunlight to battle. Then, there are articulating TV wall mounts which generally move on an arm and are able to service different viewing perspectives around the room. There are also more advanced models such as over-the-fireplace pull-down models which allows a TV to be pulled down into the room and then back up into the wall as needed.


After you have considered the different TV wall mount types, finding a good price can be tricky. After all, a Canadian will spend on average hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on their favourite TV model. So with not much left over for a TV wall mount, this is an item where price matters a lot. Browsing through PrimeCables we have TV wall mounts priced at up to 70 percent off, complete with free returns, a 1-year product guarantee included, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Buy from PrimeCables to receive the lowest prices on TV wall mounts in Canada.


Why so many consumers prefer positioning their TVs on the wall instead of having them set up on a traditional TV stand or table is because of the vibe they add to the room. As we mentioned earlier, they do save quite a bit on space. They also raise the TV screen to a more comfortable raised position which is easily viewable from. To get all of these benefits, a mount is needed. Residential homes, hospitals, businesses, and commercial enterprises of all types are using mounts to create a more unique viewing experience. Invite friends over to watch sports, enjoy a movie or take in a TV binge with your loved ones, watch a concert, and enjoy local programming, all the while using a TV mount to elevate the viewing experience.


For the best TV wall mounts, visit PrimeCables. Featuring some of the best-selling models in Canada, save on price without sacrificing high quality!

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