Should I Have a Smart Home – What to Buy to Get Started

Smart tech has come far. These days, having a smart home isn’t just something seen in movies. Anyone can essentially set up their condo, apartment, or detached house with affordable accessories that customize your home through smart tech.

Why we love smart tech is because it’s convenient. It equips your home with function it doesn’t already have. It also makes it easy on the user to monitor what’s going on at home or to relax after a stressful, busy day at work.

There are a lot of different smart home accessories to start with. If you’re a beginner or a little apprehensive about going all-out, one area is a WiFi smart socket. You take this, plug it in, and through an app on your smartphone you can turn the power on or off as needed. From the comfort of your own bed, for example, you can turn off lights, humidifiers, or similar things.

S31 WiFi Smart Socket
  • Real time conmmation monitoring

Another affordable beginner smart home accessory is a motion sensor. Although you require a smart home hub to be able to use one, a motion sensor picks up any movement surrounding it, which can help secure your home.

ZigBee Smart Hub
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This all begs the question, should I have a smart home – you certainly can! Prices have come down, so much so that for under $100 you can get a pretty nice set of basic smart home items. While they can make life easier, one can easily go overboard buying more and more of these nifty technologies. As addictive as they can be, we recommend starting small with what’s manageable.

ZigBee Smart Scene Controller with 7 Programmable Switches

With a mix of smart sockets, smart outlets, smart night vision 720p cameras, motion sensors, and window and door sensors, you can integrate your favourite options into an easy to use format. Look around. Think of how you could use these technologies in your bed or in with your entertainment/TV center. There’s opportunities in the kitchen, the washroom, backyard, front door, and plenty of other places throughout the home where smart tech can make a difference.

If you are setting yourself up with your first smart home, visit PrimeCables to pick up the best accessories at the most affordable price. Have you always wanted to live in a smart home – a new reality awaits.

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