Should I Have a Smart Home – What to Buy to Get Started

Smart tech has come far. These days, having a smart home isn’t just something seen in movies. Anyone can essentially set up their condo, apartment, or detached house with affordable accessories that customize your home through smart tech.

Why we love smart tech is because it’s convenient. It equips your home with function it doesn’t already have. It also makes it easy on the user to monitor what’s going on at home or to relax after a stressful, busy day at work.

There are a lot of different smart home accessories to start with. If you’re a beginner or a little apprehensive about going all-out, one area is a WiFi smart socket. You take this, plug it in, and through an app on your smartphone you can turn the power on or off as needed. From the comfort of your own bed, for example, you can turn off lights, humidifiers, or similar things.

S31 WiFi Smart Socket
  • Real time conmmation monitoring

Another affordable beginner smart home accessory is a motion sensor. Although you require a smart home hub to be able to use one, a motion sensor picks up any movement surrounding it, which can help secure your home.

ZigBee Smart Hub
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This all begs the question, should I have a smart home – you certainly can! Prices have come down, so much so that for under $100 you can get a pretty nice set of basic smart home items. While they can make life easier, one can easily go overboard buying more and more of these nifty technologies. As addictive as they can be, we recommend starting small with what’s manageable.

ZigBee Smart Scene Controller with 7 Programmable Switches

With a mix of smart sockets, smart outlets, smart night vision 720p cameras, motion sensors, and window and door sensors, you can integrate your favourite options into an easy to use format. Look around. Think of how you could use these technologies in your bed or in with your entertainment/TV center. There’s opportunities in the kitchen, the washroom, backyard, front door, and plenty of other places throughout the home where smart tech can make a difference.

If you are setting yourself up with your first smart home, visit PrimeCables to pick up the best accessories at the most affordable price. Have you always wanted to live in a smart home – a new reality awaits.

5 Must-have Smart Home Accessories in 2019 on-Sale and at Amazing Prices!

Automate your home and monitor it from wherever you may be. 2019’s best smart home accessories are just a click away. Having tested these products in our own homes, these are the products we believe in.


Smart home hubs and controllers


Smart home technology controlled by a single device and a single app. A smart home automation system, hub, or controller connects you to everything in a single tap. Manage speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, appliances, and everything. Use these devices to communicate, send information, and take commands on-notice as needed.


Smart home lighting


Control the lighting conditions in your home from afar. As one of the most basic components of smart home automation, being able to dim and adjust lighting can help focus in on certain atmospheres or moods. With a simple push of a button, use your smart home lighting to turn on and off a lamp at your whim, or ensure no lights are left on while you’re not at home.


Monitoring and sensors


Although we usually associate sensors with security, they don’t necessarily need to be used for such things. Sensors can be used to help control temperature, lighting, and various other conditions in the home. Installing smart home sensors outside a washroom, on the stairs, or in the kitchen can help make things easy.


Security cameras and accessibility


Security can be a huge investment in both time and money, especially if you’re going for advanced surveillance methods. Smart cameras and smart security systems are much more affordable, arguably provide more oversight, and will absolutely give you peace of mind knowing your property’s protected.


Smart locks and doorbells


Accessing and locking your home is way easier, when you use a smart lock or smart doorbell. There are many smart home product categories out there however this is an easy investment to make. For those apprehensive about smart home accessories, smart locks and doorbells are a great way to introduce one to the landscape of smart technology.


PrimeCables has smart home hubs and controllers, lighting and appliances, monitoring and sensors, security cameras and accessories, smart locks, and smart doorbells all on-sale right now! Depending on the amount of control you want, there’s seemingly no limitation to managing aspects of your home like lights, temperature, locks, and security. Smart home accessories are great for your home and as gifts, whether you’re buying for a birthday or a holiday. These are some of the top smart home products in Canada and there’s more in our catalogue. Feel encouraged to drop in today and check things out at PrimeCables!

Everything you Need to Know about Buying a Smart Home Hub

Smart home hubs are one of those things you know you need for a true-blue smart home. Yet, hubs are something not everyone knows how they work. In this article, we hope to clear up some of the mystery and shine a light on what these hubs do.


After you come to be dealing with two, three, four or more smart home accessories, to have full control over everything a smart home hub is a necessity. As you might know, every product you buy to equip your home with generally comes with an app to control it. Especially if you’re blending in products from different manufacturers, a hub gets them working together – all controllable from a single smartphone app.


In its simplest form, a smart home hub gets all accessories jiving together. If you’ve previously experienced issues with remote access, a hub also resolves that issue. What that means is even if you’re not at home and you want to turn on your heat or schedule lighting to come on, you can only do so with remote access. Some systems don’t provide remote access without a hub. That’s a huge reason why more Canadians have come to purchasing a smart home hub.


Luckily, there are several smart home hubs out there doing a sterling job at helping people get control of their smart homes. The Orvibo ZigBee smart hub supports ZigBee-branded sensors, lighting, air conditioners, TV, curtains, screens, home appliances, and more for $33.85. There’s also the Panasonic smart home hub unit for home monitoring for $129.99.


If you’re looking to pick up a smart home hub for cheap, the best deal available are usually bundles. PrimeCables’ best smart home hub deal is the smart home security set complete with a smart home hub, smart camera, and two motion sensors for $67.99. There are also security sets involving window and door sensors, smart WiFi sockets, wall dimmers and switches, and more.


Having a dedicated smart home hub is essential if you’re upgrading your home to multiple devices. You’ll want it not only for the conveniences involved but also for the protocols and software that will keep people out from hacking. Protect every device and gain control from them in a single application. A smart home hub is almost like creating an ecosystem wherein every device can engage safely and securely.


Get your ZigBee smart home hub today from PrimeCables and enjoy savings you won’t find anywhere else. Have one hub to rule everything!

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The ORVIBO® S31 WiFi Smart Socket Yellow- App Control and Alexa Ready, RedDot 2017 award winner – 1/Pack, normally listed at $39.99, is now just $14.99 between November 23 and 26 exclusively at!

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, what makes this socket smart is its app-based remote control, which features real time consumption monitoring, countdown timing, and the ability to turn it on and off at the click of a button anywhere in the world. The ORVIBO® S31 WiFi Smart Socket lets you power up your stereo system before walking through the doorway, turn on the lights in the living room and hallway, or even light up your holiday decorations as you approach your home.

There’s really a million ways to enjoy the ORVIBO® S31 WiFi Smart Socket and it makes a great toy and accessory for Smart homes and smart people. Check out our official Youtube video how-to guide to see how quick and easy it is to set up a new Smart Socket at home.

Practical and safe, this socket is made of fireproof plastic, works with WEP/WPA encryption, boasts a wide range of operational temperature, and has won the 2017 German iF Design Gold Award and 2017 RedDot Award, as well. Compatible with Android and iOS, the catalogue of Orvibo® Smart Home Products, QR codes, Alexa, and more! To save time, we say it’s compatible with just about everything.

Our recommended use is with the Orvibo® Wireless Smart Home Security Kit w/ Motion Sensor, Door Window Sensor, Camera and ZigBee Hub, now just $99.99.

When you place an order of $49 or more, you automatically receive free shipping nationwide. We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you’re living in Fredericton or Whitehorse, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks at most for remote locations.

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With dozens of overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, we can’t get enough of this neat little gizmo! Coast to coast, Canadians are falling in love with this Smart Home must-have, that’s fun for enthusiasts, techies, working professionals, pet lovers, business owners, and on and on.

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Browse Canada’s Top TV Wall Mounts with PrimeCables on Deals and Discounts

As Canada’s top eCommerce source of home theater accessories, PrimeCables is proud to be able to offer amazing deals and discounts across a wide array of products. Some of the biggest home theater sales includes TV wall mounts, TV stands, ergonomic accessories, indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, media boxes, streaming devices, A/V receivers, home theater cables, and speaker systems. Browse and customize your own home theater system piece by piece!


For so much of us, the focus of our home theater systems will be the positioning of our television screens. For flat-screen TVs you want to position in the most advantageous spot in your home theater configuration, you may wish to browse some of our TV wall mounts. Needless to say, there are plenty of wall mount types to consider. See the PrimeCables full motion articulating wall mount for 37” to 70” flat panel TVs for $42.99, the heavy duty tilting curved and flat panel TV wall mount for 37” to 70” for $16.99, the full motion TV wall mount 17” to 42” for $12.99, the wall mount articulated arm universal LED 13” to 55” slim for $19.99, and the inexpensive, favored choice of the PrimeCables’ angle-free tilt mount with safety lock for TVs 26” to 50” for $5.99.


Mounts are great because they provide a presentation that’s akin to going to a movie theatre or watching on a projector screen. Instead of setting up a TV on a stand or table, a TV wall mount can fixate your screen directly to the wall. There, it hangs like a work of art. Then, by positioning it at a tilt or manipulating the angle, a homeowner can eliminate problems like light glare and maximize their very own home theater experience. Fortunately, the basic model is inexpensive at under $6 so even if you’re working under a budget, you can still find a mount. Keep in mind there are also more advanced models with features like articulating arms. The most impressive may be pull-down over-the-fireplace mounts which are extremely appealing to buyers with bigger budgets.


If you’re looking for an easy way to give the home theater living room experience a boost, mounting your flat-screen is a simple step that can make the world of difference. Create a more immersive viewing experience while also freeing up space in the home. Browse today some of the best TV wall mounts in Canada from PrimeCables and receive a lifetime warranty!

Should you Buy a Projector and Projector Screen for your Home – a Case Study

Many Canadian households have what we would call a ‘home theater system’. There’s a difference though between what we consider ‘home theater’ and what we call ‘home cinema’. More high-class, luxury-ridden, and professional, home cinema is much larger and more immersive. To reach a place where you have a home cinema setup, it oftentimes requires a sizeable screen. To get the biggest screen for the best price, many Canadians choose to go without a TV screen and purchase a projector instead.


Should you buy a home theater projector – some might say, yes. That said, projectors are often quite costly, especially when you begin searching for ones that can carry 4K signals. At PrimeCables, we think there are some ways to get around the obvious disadvantage of the price tag. Shopping with PrimeCables, we have more than a dozen premiere projector models on discount, in addition to offering ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.


PrimeCables works with all of its manufacturers to offer the best possible price on home theater accessories like projectors, projector mounts, and projector screens. Minimizing costs on your projector, you won’t have to overpay on something that’s inferior to a flat-screen. Instead, when you buy a projector through PrimeCables, you’ll receive a high quality, premiere home cinema product affordably priced. Keep in mind a projector can have the same high-definition 1080p video and amazing audio you can receive from a flat-screen.


If you enjoy customizing and personalizing home theater products to match your preferences, there’s a lot of modifications you can make with a projector. As a portable product, it’s easy to move around the room to find the optimum viewing position. If you wish, its video size can be modified to both large and small depending on what you need. Using a projector mount, you may fixate it to a location similar to a movie theatre. Lastly, using a projector screen, you can get all those deep blacks, bright colors, and optimum picture design. Just as an example, PrimeCables has both 100” and 108” projector screen portable and collapsible options for a wall or ceiling mount.


PrimeCables’ projectors boast impressive resolution and breathtaking imagery. Featuring great color accuracy, connectivity to almost any digital device, and is aesthetically adaptable to every home theater system. If you’re tired of using a TV screen or aren’t able to get the size you want under your budget, a projector and projector screen is highly impressive. Used by home cinema entertainment systems across Canada, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find with PrimeCables.

See the Best Cheap Headphones in Canada for under $50 that are still High Quality

The best headphones for under $50 is a common question we hear in the Canadian audio accessory industry. Too many times we’ve seen companies make big promises only to have consumers buy their headphones and be disappointed. That’s not what we’re about. For cheap, high quality headphones under $50, shop today with PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce stores for home theater systems and audio accessories, PrimeCables provides fast, free shipping on all orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee. If you’re looking for headphones, this is where you want to shop.


Headphones can easily cost $100s of dollars. Especially when you get into more premium pairs, the costs can add up rather quickly. That said, shopping with PrimeCables for earbuds, over-the-ear, on-ear, and wireless, for under $50, there are some good quality options to weigh. PrimeCables has the premium high quality headphones hi-fi DJ style over-the-ear for $19.99, wireless Bluetooth earbuds with microphone and charging case for $59.99, and hi-fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling stereo headphones for $59.99. For those that want to stay with the less expensive headphones including those in the under-$50 category, there’s no shortage.


Even under $50, the PrimeCables headphones come with an impressive audio response, a reliable and durable build quality, and a comfortable design for the wearer. Everything you could want in a pair of solid, high quality, professional headphones is there. If you spend a lot of time with earbuds in, upgrading to a good set of headphones might be something preferable. Especially if you have a home theater system setup, needless to say, we can’t always take full advantage of our sound systems without bothering, disturbing, or waking up everyone else in the house. For late night or early morning moments like this, headphones go a long way in allowing you to listen to music, watch shows, catch movies, and play video games without having to do so with no sound.


Get the most from your home entertainment and media systems with a good set of headphones on stand-by. Create an immersive experience, giving you the chance to hear all the highs and lows, every single word of dialogue, and every detail. For the best headphones under $50 in Canada, PrimeCables is where to browse. Enjoy entertainment with no distractions. Save hundreds off high-end headphones that are beyond your budget. Buy high quality and buy cheap with PrimeCables. Shop today.

Turn your Living Room into a Movie Theater with a Projector and Projector Mount

An amazing home theater system that’s affordable, high tech, and immersive is not hard to come by with PrimeCables. If you’ve ever wanted to create the closest thing to a home movie theatre for the living room, an inexpensive projector and projector mount combination is where many start. Though TV screens have their advantages, a projector expands the limitations of screen capacity to accommodate larger, more detailed images.


If you’ve always used a television screen, now’s the perfect time to consider a switch to a projector. Be it for a small or large space, a projector can be tailored to that space with high-definition 1080p quality and more. Sadly, many Canadians would never consider replacing their old TV with a projector. Using one though, you may end up re-thinking your entire home theater system. If you end up enjoying a projector, buying an accommodating projector mount and projector screen are a great way to set things up. After you’ve seen a projector’s image, it’s difficult to pass up on the possibility of watching however large or small you want to go.


Examining high-end home theater systems in luxury properties, many will notice that these homeowners gravitate towards projectors instead of TVs. If you are looking to accommodate a family sized viewing experience or enjoy having friends over to watch sports, concerts, or live events, a projector’s a pretty cool thing to embrace. Also, it gets around the size of a TV screen. For rooms dedicated to TV viewing, a projector is perfect. Even trying it out on a white wall, you should see the difference. Anything can be used as a projection surface. Even better, connect an existing surround sound system or speaker system, laptops and digital devices, or whichever video source you wish. A projector is very diverse in what it accepts as a source.


Projectors come in a wide range of price points. Courtesy of PrimeCables, there’s the portable LCD projector 1500 Lumens for $64.99, the Epson VS345 WXGA 3LCD projector for $539.99, the Epson PowerLite 980W WXGA 3LCD projector for $1,079, and the Epson PowerLite 2040 XGA 3LCD projector for $1,416. Browsing the PrimeCables catalogue, you’ll also find video cables, HDMI cables, projector mounts, projector screens, media boxes, and more. Mix and match your favourite home theater products to create the ultimate theatre setup for your living room. The ultimate home theater setup begins with buying the right projector and projector mount. Shop today with PrimeCables!

Designing your Ultimate Home Theater Systems by Renovating your Living Room

The layout of your living room plays a key role in implementing a home theater system. Designing the ultimate in-home entertainment experience relies heavily on what’s possible in your living room. For Canadian households who want to take their home theater system from plain to remarkable, take a look around. There may be opportunities to renovate your living room to make it more conducive to media consumption.


For many living rooms, it’s a common practice to see some sort of mass-marketed HD television mounted on a white wall. If you haven’t done so already, using a TV wall mount to suspend your screen in mid-air can establish theatre-esque viewing all ages are sure to enjoy. The next recommendation to step it up a notch is to install and add speakers with either a home theater speaker stand or mount. These are all pretty easy and somewhat inexpensive ways to maximize what’s already available in your living room. For those on a budget, start here.


For those who have a little money to spend and who want to really get into the nitty gritty of designing the ultimate home theater system for themselves, a living room renovation might be in the works. Think of your personal style and preferences. Think of the décor you may want to add to the room. Take a look through examples of some high-end luxury media spaces to get some ideas. In some cases, you may wish to put your speakers directly into the wall. In other cases, it may require a custom build to get all the accessories you want in the same area.


If you’re working with a compact space like a semi-detached home, townhouse, or condo, customizing one’s media space can assist in delivering an even more immersive, room-filling viewing experience. Consider contacting a renovation company experienced in home theater-based constructions. They may have specific recommendations regarding audio working in the space’s acoustics, the size of the room, how many people the room is intended to accommodate, in-wall options, the possibility of using a projector instead of a TV screen, and more.


Leverage your budget and enjoy a well-designed, home theater integrated space. Shop your home theater renovations with PrimeCables and enjoy the lowest prices in Canada on mounts, stands, HDTV antennas, media streaming devices, media boxes, projectors, projector screens, A/V receivers, pro audio, speaker systems, soundbars, HDMI cables, home theater cables, and more!

3 Advantages to turning your Restaurant into a Multi-TV Theater Room for Patrons

The Canadian restaurant industry is dependent upon small businesses being able to differentiate from the pack. In an era of tech and screens, multi-TV theater rooms for patrons is a favored approach taken by everyone from sports bars to family settings.


As one of Canada’s top eCommerce spaces for A/V commercial systems and home theater arrangements, PrimeCables would like to share a few of the advantages to building a multi-TV entertainment setup for your restaurant.


Setting the right tone on the floor


Across the main dining rooms of your restaurant, you want to ensure you’ve set the right tone. Multi-TV theater systems for restaurants are a great way to tailor audio and picture to attract and keep consumers. Things like number of screens and speaker placement is highly important. The more speakers you have, the more control you can have over the volume. The less speakers, the louder they will have to be, possibly resulting in an uncomfortable experience. The same can be said for less screens. The more screens there are, the more likely every patron is to have a good view.


Management can control the atmosphere by hour


Certain times of day call for different approaches. After a restaurant has an A/V theater system in place, staff and management have the option to adjust what’s on screen and volume. For example, a competitive sports game in the evening and into the night will require a louder presentation. If it’s mid-afternoon and the restaurant is more or less empty, you don’t need to give it so much. In fact, you may change the source of what’s being viewed on your commercial A/V system to better accommodate the limited guests.


Personalize every event


When there are special events, you can personalize and create restaurant events inviting consumers to come in and watch together. The Olympics, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup playoffs, election night, the Academy Awards, and so many other events come once in a while. When they do, transform your restaurant into a place consumers want to be. Throw in some specials on food and/or beverages and you may have a winning combination on your hands. If you have a separate room in your restaurant, you may also wish to look into hosting events like private parties, business meetings, and/or birthday parties.


Shop PrimeCables today for everything you need to build a commercial A/V system for restaurants, including TVs, wall mounts, stands, media boxes, streaming devices, projectors and projector mounts, A/V receivers, HDMI cables, speaker systems, pro audio soundbars, and more!