5 Creative Ways to use your Power Drill and other Tools from PrimeCables

Don’t get us wrong. There’s plenty of meaningful ways to use a power drill in your home and on the construction site. Its versatility is what has made it one of Canada’s favourite power tools. The cordless power drill is used regularly to complete projects as simple as hanging pictures to as complex as framing a house. There may be a few ways to use your power drill though that you haven’t thought of before. Here’s some areas to give some thought in.


#1 – Pilot holes and countersink holes


Cordless power drills are amazing at drilling pilot hole and countersink holes, which are needed to accomplish a quality finish. Consider a set of tapered bits to get this done. If you have the right bits on hand, you should be getting high quality, tear-free holes. Consider upgrading if that’s not what you’re getting here.


#2 – Big, round holes


There are endless amounts of drill bits that can help in creating large round holes. By employing a specialty bit, create a higher quality cut than any keyhole saw or jigsaw can. For any person creating a space for recessed lighting, inputting plumber pipes in floor joists, cabinets, countertops, outdoor showers, or anything, your cordless power drill might be able to get it done quite easy.


#3 – Driving screws and bolts


Cordless power drills should come with standard flat and Phillips driving bits. These are perfect for screws and bolts. Add a set of hex drivers to the collection and instantly speed up furniture assembly or repair. Any sort of around-the-house maintenance like this can be made that much easier once a user knows how to drive effectively.


#4 – Mixing paint or concrete


Visiting your local hardware store, you may be able to find specialty mixing bits to mix cans of paint which can help create a more consistent color. There’s also the eggbeater-style mixers to tackle things like concrete. Though this is likely something you haven’t thought of before, it’s a skill that, when mastered, you won’t remember how you used to mix without it.


#5 – Sanding contours and curved surfaces


Using a cordless power drill, you should be able to sand curves and arcs. Though it can take some time to learn this skill, by combining your cordless drill with a sanding drum, irregular shapes will be no match for you!


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