Get Set Up with a High Quality USB-C Cable to Charge All Devices this summer

This summer, as we’re about and about at beaches, summer festivals, and on long cross-country drives, it’s eventually going to happen where you’re somewhere without a charger and your smartphone’s battery suddenly goes. It’s easy to forget just how important sync and charge cables are to how we live our daily lives. If you don’t already have a reliable high quality USB-C cable to tap into, PrimeCables’ summer sale on USB-C cables is a great time to buy.


PrimeCables specializes in the sale of USB-C cables, adapters, and hubs. Whatever USB product you need, we more than likely have it. When it comes to USB-C cables, there are dozens of options on discount of up to 70% off in our eCommerce storefront. Beyond saving on price, it’s not uncommon for the quality of our USB-C cables to exceed the performance of similarly priced cables from some of Canada’s biggest corporate retail tech brands.


Some of the most popular USB-C cables in the PrimeCables catalogue include the 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – White for $9.99, the impressive USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter – 15CM for $43.99, the simple USB-C Adapter, USB Type C to Micro USB Convert Connector for $3.99, and the PrimeCables® USB 2.0A to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided cable Up to 3A charging-Space Grey for $11.99.


When you shop with PrimeCables, enjoy free returns and a 1-year guarantee on all these products. There’s so much to browse and choose from that a customer can really stock up and never have to worry about their phone running out of battery, no matter where they are in the world, whether they’re stuck in traffic, out somewhere on a hiking trail, or wherever they may be. There will be those that just want a basic USB-C cable with no concern towards the aesthetic or anything beyond the USB-C connector. No worries – we’ve got USB-C cables as low as $2.99!


PrimeCables has some the lowest pricing in Canada on some of the best USB-C cables and accessories. By having a high quality reliable USB-C cable, believe us when we say that it makes a big difference in sync and charging your devices. USB-C cables have the ability to quick-charge, in addition to boasting high speed data transfer. This is the cable you want! Don’t buy anything less in quality. Shop today with PrimeCables, and get set up with a USB-C cable to charge all your devices throughout the summer months and beyond.

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