5 Creative Ways to use your Power Drill and other Tools from PrimeCables

Don’t get us wrong. There’s plenty of meaningful ways to use a power drill in your home and on the construction site. Its versatility is what has made it one of Canada’s favourite power tools. The cordless power drill is used regularly to complete projects as simple as hanging pictures to as complex as framing a house. There may be a few ways to use your power drill though that you haven’t thought of before. Here’s some areas to give some thought in.


#1 – Pilot holes and countersink holes


Cordless power drills are amazing at drilling pilot hole and countersink holes, which are needed to accomplish a quality finish. Consider a set of tapered bits to get this done. If you have the right bits on hand, you should be getting high quality, tear-free holes. Consider upgrading if that’s not what you’re getting here.


#2 – Big, round holes


There are endless amounts of drill bits that can help in creating large round holes. By employing a specialty bit, create a higher quality cut than any keyhole saw or jigsaw can. For any person creating a space for recessed lighting, inputting plumber pipes in floor joists, cabinets, countertops, outdoor showers, or anything, your cordless power drill might be able to get it done quite easy.


#3 – Driving screws and bolts


Cordless power drills should come with standard flat and Phillips driving bits. These are perfect for screws and bolts. Add a set of hex drivers to the collection and instantly speed up furniture assembly or repair. Any sort of around-the-house maintenance like this can be made that much easier once a user knows how to drive effectively.


#4 – Mixing paint or concrete


Visiting your local hardware store, you may be able to find specialty mixing bits to mix cans of paint which can help create a more consistent color. There’s also the eggbeater-style mixers to tackle things like concrete. Though this is likely something you haven’t thought of before, it’s a skill that, when mastered, you won’t remember how you used to mix without it.


#5 – Sanding contours and curved surfaces


Using a cordless power drill, you should be able to sand curves and arcs. Though it can take some time to learn this skill, by combining your cordless drill with a sanding drum, irregular shapes will be no match for you!


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Cordless power drills can range anywhere from $50 to $150 and above. As one of the most requested drills in Canada, the cordless power drill has a wide range of uses.


Shopping at Home Deport or any of the other corporate retail giants, a power tool like this is not difficult to find. That said, the pricing is not always the best. Even when they’re on sale, a cordless drill product can still end up costing well above $100, which is not something everyone wants to pay when all they need is a basic, heavy duty tool.


Thankfully, with one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, you can buy a cordless power drill for under $49.99. The 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle is listed on the PrimeCables website for $49.99. That on its own is an amazing price for this drill, which comes complete with a 1.3Ah Li-ion battery, 0-350/0-1250 RPM. For a limited time, the 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle can actually be purchased on sale for only $29.99!


Receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, when you buy one of the best cordless outdoor power tools in Canada. Please enjoy free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada when you shop with PrimeCables. Shopping for a similar product in brick and mortar retail, you are likely to find a similar drill for three or four times the price. Instead of going through that hassle and paying more, pay less by shopping online.


This cordless power drill features two-speed transmission with optimize torque and speed for screw driving and drilling, an LED light to illuminate dark work spaces, and a slide battery pack guaranteeing easy installation and battery removal.


Maintaining a near-perfect five-star rating, this cordless outdoor power tool is the perfect product for those looking for a high-powered tool that you can rely on for both power and performance. The impressive torque maximizes the range of heavy-duty applications it can be used for, easily tighten or loosen nuts and bolts as needed, and use the LED light to increase visibility on key projects. The cordless power drill would make for the perfect gift for a father, grandfather, an older child with a growing interest in tools, or someone with an interest in drill projects around the house.


These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg as to why the 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle is considered by PrimeCables’ customers to be among the best cordless outdoor power tools in Canada.

How to Choose a Drill and other Tools for at-home DIY Projects

Choosing drills, impact drivers, angle grinders, and other power tools for your home projects will somewhat define the kind of work you do. Knowing where to invest your money to get the best deal on power tools will also determine the quality of tools you receive. For those seeking to purchase drills and other power tools for DIY projects, you can buy them today on discount from PrimeCables.

Get the cheaper price power driller from PrimeCables.ca
Get the cheaper price power driller from PrimeCables.ca

How to choose a power drill ultimately comes down to what you need it for and what you’re looking to get from it. If you’re working primarily in the dark, you will want a drill with an LED light. If you’re working a lot away from a wall outlet, you will want the drill to be cordless. As one of the more versatile tools DIY home improvement project enthusiasts can have, there may be other features you wish to consider. Needless to say, a cordless power drill will help speed up key components of DIY project work and are a recommended purchase.


There’s also the matter of price. For some cordless power drills, costs can go upwards of $150 and above. Searching the shelves at a Home Hardware or Canadian Tire, a cordless power drill might not be at a reasonable price point for purchase. PrimeCables specializes in power tools for at-home DIY projects, with a 20V cordless power drill on sale for $29.99, a 20V cordless impact driver for $59.99, and an angle grinder with grinding disc included for $47.99.


If you’re a relative newbie to home DIY projects and are in need of power tools, PrimeCables is where you want to shop. Every order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, and you get free returns on any item purchased in our catalogue. The prices are excellent and the quality of product is high. By purchasing an angle grinder, cordless impact driver, and/or cordless power drill, you’ll be well on your way to completing even some of the tougher DIY projects out there.


PrimeCables’ power tools are some of the most versatile in Canada, able to work in all kinds of conditions. Through the use of power tools, all kinds of work is made that much easier. Gain more control over projects and see a faster pace, when you have all the right power tools for the job. Buy the ultimate power drill and more from PrimeCables today, and enjoy major savings you won’t find anywhere else!