See the Best Tool Gifts you can Buy yourself for Summer Projects or Canada Day!

The spring just seemed to fly by, didn’t it! Now with summer almost in full-force, it’s time to take inventory on what you need to all of your projects done.


Be it home renovations, small project constructions, or something a little more unique, the summer’s an opportunity to do some amazing things. To get all that done though, you need the right tools. Shop with PrimeCables this summer and take advantage of the best tool gifts in Canada.


The 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle has a lot of power behind it. See a high performing power drill model that’s on our best discount yet. For under $30, receive everything you need to get drilling. Handling a cordless power drill, you can buckle down and tackle even some of the tougher summer projects on your list.


The 20V Cordless Impact Driver with Soft Grip Handle is a versatile tool that is a great way to upgrade to the next level of projects if you’ve never had one before. There’s so many different materials one can tackle with an impact driver. Let’s say you already have a favourite cordless power drill in your possession, buying an impact driver can be a great tool gift to start with this summer.


The Angle Grinder with One 115mm Diameter Grinding Disc Included is a more specialized tool yet something we can all appreciate. After you get used to it, your angle grinder is going to be something you can’t live without. When you’re in job mode and you’re giving it power, this amazing tool will bring a smile to your face.


The Grinding Disc 115 x 6.0 x 22.2mm for Metal 5Pcs/Pack is a nice gift accessory to ensure your angle grinder has everything it needs to keep up with your pace of work. Kicking back on the weekend and digging in, it never hurts to have some extra grinding discs on-hand. To this point, the same can be said for the 1.3Ah Li-ion Battery Pack 20V for Cordless Power Tools. Every cordless power tool needs a reliable battery. Having an drill with extra battery pack ready to tear open and/or upgrading to a newer product may help restore some of that old charm in cordless power tools that are lagging.


This summer, you can browse all of these tool gifts special on discounts, deals, and promotions. PrimeCables is a growing Canadian eCommerce company, and we look forward to continuing to grow our collection of power tools and related products.

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