Buy this Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna for free Over-the-Air TV in Canada for under $5

Indoor TV antennas are a great digital resource to get free over-the-air TV for inside the home. Finding the right TV antenna for your home entertainment setup can sometimes involve weighing variables like price, signal range, size, and placement. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables has an amazing super thin indoor HDTV antenna for under $5 that should meet all of one’s free TV needs. Nab signals from your nearest broadcast tower and never have to worry about paying a monthly cable bill again.


The Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna FM/VHF/UHF for $4.99 is on massive discount for a limited time. Receive free high-definition TV broadcast signals, installation is as easy as plugging it in and scanning for channels, and use its design to easily hide it anywhere around the TV monitor. For anyone new to the world of cord cutting in Canada and/or over-the-air TV signals, this is a great starter kit. As more Canadians move to cutting the cord, you can ditch pricey cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of PrimeCables’ cheaply priced high quality indoor HDTV antenna design.


Streaming services by Sling TV, YouTube TV, Netflix, Crackle, and others are great ways to consume content. What they don’t provide however is the live TV experience. If you want to watch your favourite TV show, you’ll never see it live in real-time on a platform like Netflix. To see your favourite shows, you’ll have to wait to download it illegally or pay $100s for a cable subscription. A super thin indoor HDTV antenna like this provides the opportunity to tap into channels like the CW, FOX, CBC, CTV, and others for free. It’s perfectly legal and you don’t need to pay a thing!


Another advantage to having a TV antenna is that it allows a user to watch local programming and news, which is something you’ll only find through an antenna or a very expensive cable subscription service. Fill the void with a small collection of basic cable channels that you can rely on for live hockey, TV, movies, and more. If you’re a student that can’t afford a larger satellite subscription or someone with a second property in need of additional TV services, these are just some of the circumstances where a high-definition 1080p antenna work. Also, combine this HDTV antenna with other products in the PrimeCables catalogue and receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Shop PrimeCables today to complement your existing entertainment and streaming setup. Do so with this high-tech antenna that will pull in 1080p high-definition channels. Stick your antenna wherever you want and don’t look back. HDTV antennas like this are a great buy for all ages!

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