What’s a Pipe Wrench and what is it Used for – a Quick Guide from PrimeCables

The pipe wrench has a long and storied history. It has been used throughout the twentieth century on everything from some of Canada’s biggest constructions to residential homeowner-led renovations.

Buy piper wrench online with fast shipping in Canada
Buy piper wrench online with fast shipping in Canada

A pipe wrench is an adjustable wrench that can be used to turn soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. The fact that it is adjustable means that it can lock to any frame. Keep in mind that a pipe wrench is not intended to be used on hardened steel hex nuts or similar fittings as it will, in all likelihood, ruin the head. Pipe wrenches are classified by the length of the handle, available in sizes typically ranging from about three inches to far higherpower

If you’re looking for a high quality pipe wrench in Canada, consider browsing PrimeCables. In our eCommerce catalogue, you’ll find a wide range of power tool accessories including a heavy duty pipe wrench that is suitable for all types of pipe work. The 14” heavy duty straight pipe wrench from PrimeCables is available for purchase today for only $6.99.


Features of the PrimeCables straight pipe wrench include a supreme polish finish, precision milled jaws, a cast iron frame and drop forged jaws, comparable durability and ease of use, and easily replaceable parts ensuring longevity. These are just some of the reasons why Canadians are interested in this exclusive offer. Also, when combined with other products in the PrimeCables catalogue, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Though there are largely six different types of pipe wrenches, it’s the straight pipe wrench that is the most diverse and basic. With this pipe wrench, you can work on all types of pipes. If you’re not regularly working with pipes, you may not have use for a wrench like this. If you are regularly around pipes and require such a wrench, the PrimeCables model will never fail you. This is the ultimate accessory to use on any pipe. There could be an entire book written on the projects on which the straight pipe wrench has been used. For those that need it, they’ll never want to go without it.


Visit PrimeCables to learn more about the advantages of the straight pipe wrench, to read what other customers are saying about the PrimeCables model, and should you decide to buy, save money. Always have a straight pipe wrench in your bag before you get started on your next pipe.

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