Why a Toslink Cables are Important when you are Building your Home Theater Setup

Building your home theater setup comes with many challenges, including how to get everything you need under budget and how to fit it all in your space. So many of us purchase a speaker system expecting it to already have everything it needs to deliver peak sound. That’s not always the case though.


Why Toslink audio cable is so valuable in a home theater environment is because it delivers a performance that few other cables can. Since its introduction to the marketplace, Toslink cables have been one of the most advanced and praised in its category.


Whether we’re talking about ‘Toslink cables’, ‘optical audio cables’, or ‘optical cables’, they’re all the same thing. These cables were originally manufactured by Toshiba, hence the name, and were first released in the early 1980s just as home theater surround sound was developing. To this day, as far as audio cables have come, a high quality Toslink cable still delivers a very impressive performance. They have been used to connect DVD players, Blu-ray players, CD players, DAT recorders, computers, video game consoles, and more to an A/V receiver.


Note how a Toslink cable employs a unique round connector with S/PDIF connectivity. The advanced technology inside can deliver two channels of uncompressed lossless audio or a compressed 5.1/7.1 surround sound system. A similar cable to a Toslink cable is HDMI which provides a lot of the same features. The difference between Toslink and HDMI is not significant, though depending on preference and application, you may choose one over the other.


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