Save Big on Canada’s Top 3 Cables to go Searching for this Black Friday

The best Black Friday deals on consumer cables can be found at PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce platforms, this is what PrimeCables specializes in. We do cables better than anyone. In celebration of a big Black Friday 2018 sale coming around the corner, we’re sharing the top 3 cables in our catalogue and the ones the average Canadian is most likely to go searching for. When it comes to things like cables, smartphone and tablet accessories, and home theater accessories, PrimeCables is where it’s at.


HDMI Cables


There’s no cable that is as widely popularized for home theater use as the HDMI cable right now. Used to connect digital devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to TVs, HDMI cables are one of the most advanced connections for audio and video. There are more than two dozen HDMI cables in the PrimeCables catalogue, including a 6 ft. HDMI 2.0 model for $5.99, a Nylon jacket model gold-plated for $6.99, and a 3 ft. model for only $4.99. Any of these are perfectly acceptable options, depending on what you need your HDMI cable to do.


USB Cables


USB cables by and far the most valuable consumer cable in the last twenty years. Charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital devices of all kinds, USB Type-C cables are the most advanced in the standard. For Black Friday 2018, get ready to see USB discounts of up to 70% off select cables and accessories. Browse amazing USB cables such as a 1-metre USB-C to USB 3.1A sync and charge model for $5.99, the USB-C 3.1 model for $7.49, the PrimeCables USB 2.0A to USB-C model continued in a metal braided cable for $9.99, and the multi-purpose USB-to-HDMI adapter for up to 1080p for $9.99.


Speaker Wire


For home theater enthusiasts, high quality speaker wire is one of the best ways to hook up an advanced speaker system. Browse the best Black Friday deals on speaker wire including 100 ft. of enhanced loud oxygen-free copper cable for $24.99.


Celebrate Black Friday with PrimeCables with more exclusive offers on HDMI cables, USB cables, and speaker wire, as well as computer cables, audio cables, video cables, smartphone and tablet sync and charge cables, AC power cables and adapters, DisplayPort cables, Apple cables, network Ethernet cables, and more! Black Friday is a chance to get a good deal on cheap gadgets, trendy tech, consumer cables, and home theater accessories like these. Shop with PrimeCables to grab all of your favourite Black Friday bargains without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

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