See Cheap Gaming Accessories for Black Friday 2018 including Mounts and Monitors

Though PrimeCables does not sell video games, there are a number of gaming accessories that we have on-sale this upcoming Black Friday that are bound to get many interested. See the best deals on gaming accessories from PrimeCables including audio and video cables, adapters, gaming monitors, monitor mounts, gaming speaker systems, speaker mounts, and height adjustable sit-stand desks, alongside various smart home and home theater accessories that may be appealing.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites for audio and video accessories, PrimeCables is proud to be participating in this year’s Black Friday. Last year, it was an absolute blast and this year, we hope to top it. An exclusive deals event, rekindle your desire for gaming and entertainment by upgrading what you got. As Black Friday 2018 is on the horizon, we invite you to check out our catalogue. The further you venture in, all the more deals you’ll find. In the run-up to Black Friday weekend, we’ll be releasing exclusive time-sensitive offers on select products.


When it comes to cheap gaming accessories, having a good video monitor on which to engage is key. Though most of us use our TV sets or a lesser monitor, Black Friday’s a great time to get something more high quality at a low price. The two biggest sellers we have in the monitor category for gaming includes a 27” flat 4K UHD 60Hz ultra slim model for $329.99 and a 27” curved 1080p 144Hz super thin aluminum frame mountable design model for $299.99. So in celebration of PrimeCables’ big sales event, be sure to check out some of the product reviews on these guys.


For the best Black Friday monitor and mount deals, you can’t go wrong with grabbing a good single monitor, dual monitor, and three-monitor mount. Black Friday 2018 is almost here and there are more than a dozen monitor mounts to consider for your gaming station. Avoid the madness of retail shopping. Instead of having to wait and then, crash through a ton of people to presumably find what you’re looking for, shop at home with PrimeCables and do away with the crowds. We provide fast, free shipping on any orders above $29 to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


For Black Friday 2018, drop in to PrimeCables for deals and discounts on virtual reality (VR) glasses, a programmable deluxe remote control, flat and curved gaming monitors, speaker mounts, monitor mounts, drones, portable wireless multimedia keyboards, and more!

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