See the Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks ahead of Black Friday 2018 and Buy Now

Sit-stand desks provide many benefits. For the user, they help to reduce stress on their posture and sit-stand desks help to keep the body engaged in one’s work. For a business owner, the return on investment of supplying one’s office with sit-stand desks is not negligible. Multiple studies have shown sit-stand desks to improve office productivity, lower healthcare and workers’ compensation costs for small businesses, and ultimately, leave employees feeling happier and more valued. Though we don’t want to create unrealistic expectations as to how sit-stand desks can do in an office environment, there’s no questioning they’re a reliable tool to assist employees.


The average Canadian office worker might spend up to eighteen hours of their day in a sitting position. Between office work, commuting, eating, watching TV, and browsing the computer at home, most of us sit down for an exorbitant amount of time each day. Needless to say, this has an impact on our health. If you don’t already suffer from back pain or have not suffered from it in the past, it’s highly likely that eventually you will begin to feel it. That’s because when we sit, it puts a lot of pressure on our backs. As a species, human anatomy was never meant to be in a sitting position for so long. Now, add on top of that a nagging injury, and you end up with a very uncomfortable situation.


As one of Canada’s go-to eCommerce sources for ergonomic office accessories, there are several sit-stand desks to choose from. The most popular sit-stand desks in Canada include the sit-standing height adjustable desk for monitors 35” wide for $179.99, the sit-standing height adjustable gas spring assisted lift on sale today for $119.99, and the Rocelco height adjustable standing ergonomic desk for $255.99. There are several dozen more sit-stand desk solutions to browse in the PrimeCables catalogue, all of which come with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada already included. Last year, Black Friday 2017 was a big sales event for PrimeCables sit-stand desks. This year, for Black Friday 2018, we expect height adjustable desks to be another big seller.


In the lead-up to Black Friday 2018, visit PrimeCables to see all the best deals and discounts on sit-stand desks and other ergonomic office accessories. Get ready to increase focus, productivity, and alertness. Change your body’s position as you see fit, let the stresses of the body subside, and maximize your ability to work with a height adjustable sit-stand desk. Shop today with PrimeCables!

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