Did You Know Your Desk Could Be Causing Back Pain – An Electric Sit-Stand Desk is a Cure

You wouldn’t think sitting down’s going to hurt your back. As it turns out, it very much can. A number of us work standard 40-hour work weeks in an office. We sit on buses, trains, and cars in commute before ultimately arriving at a desk where we sit for the day in front of a computer screen. This sort of lifestyle is not what our bodies were meant for, resulting in a condition the American Medical Association has called ‘sitting disease’.

What is sitting disease?

Sitting disease refers to the effects of prolonged sitting. Characteristics include an increased risk of heart disease, premature ageing of the heart, and increased cardiovascular aging. Some healthcare experts have been called it a ‘silent killer’ because you’d never know or feel the effects building inside the body.

Why is my desk causing me back pain?

Whether you have back pain or you don’t, what’s true of most jobs that involve working at an office desk is that you’re putting strain on your body. A lot of us crunch over to type and work, resulting in all of our top half weight being supported at an angle by our lower backs. Unfortunately, our backs aren’t designed to handle this weight. It’s like lifting a 15-pound weight in front of you indefinitely. Eventually, your body’s going to give out – hence back pain.

What can I do to solve lower back pain at work?

If your back got hurt from activity, a physician would advise you to rest and let it heal. Your job isn’t something you can walk away from. If your back is hurting from office work, most people simply continue working. The problem continues. For some, it exacerbates into an injury or permanent ache. This isn’t what we want to see. With a sit-stand desk, you can eliminate back pain altogether.

How does a sit-stand desk work to help back pain?

A sit-stand desk is height adjustable. You can work while sitting or standing, which adjusts the body’s positioning. This relieves the stresses of prolonged sitting, helping slowly eliminate lower back pain while also getting your body out from sitting disease. According to a 2018 study, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk helped office workers improve sedentary behaviour and decreased back pain by an average of 50 percent. If you aren’t moving around much in your work day, this is a way to invest in your long-term health.

PrimeCables® Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

For office workers, Canadians with home offices, YouTubers, creative types, and anyone consistently working at a desk, an electric sit-stand desk puts an end to back pain. It’s an intervention in the stresses that are causing you to come home with pain. Choose your favourite sit-stand desk model today from PrimeCables.

Did you Know Sit-Stand Desks can Help you Lose Weight and Stay Skinny – it can!

A common question received regarding sit-standing desks is whether they can really help someone lose weight or not. Recent research in the Applied Ergonomics journal helped shine a light on the potential of sit-stand desks.

It’s no secret that looking at a standing desk, it’s promoting someone to stand and create movement. The more we move, the more calories we burn – theoretically speaking. Many people believe that height adjustable desks can work to help office workers keep their bodies engaged while they remain sedentary.

Being sedentary is well understood to raise the risks of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and premature death. Some research published has even associated prolonged sitting with up to 430,000 deaths a year worldwide. Also, when we sit, it interferes with our ability to regulate blood pressure and metabolize fat as well.

A recent study amalgamated the results of 53 studies examining the benefits of sit-stand desks, motivated to find the truth behind the popular ergonomic office furniture. Some believe it helps with weight loss while others dispute the claim. The study examined sit-standing desks across six categories – behaviour, physiological, work performance, psychological, discomfort, and posture. The results show that although people using sit-stand desks tended to spend more time standing than individuals using regular desks, it did not necessarily result in weight loss every time.

The health benefits of sit-stand desks are numerous, including relieving low back pain relief and decreasing blood pressure overall. That said, when it comes to weight loss, the results just aren’t there to conclude every person who uses ergonomic desks will experience weight loss. Although some will, others won’t. What the study also showed was that sit-stand desks did improve comfort level and behaviour tremendously. If you’re a worker who is concerned about your comfort and/or who wants to attempt to use it as a weight loss strategy, the researchers of this paper are not necessarily saying not to do it. In other words, go for it!

The big takeaway of the Applied Ergonomics study is ultimately that someone who has an ergonomic desk is not going to magically lose weight. In the same way that someone switching to healthy dieting is not magically going to melt off the pounds. There are several factors which go into weight loss, any of which can affect a person. As proper usage differs from person to person in an office setting, using your sit-stand desk the correct way at the suggested dosages likely does produce a difference in weight loss. If you’re interested in a height adjustable ergonomic sit-standing desk, shop yours at PrimeCables.

See the Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks ahead of Black Friday 2018 and Buy Now

Sit-stand desks provide many benefits. For the user, they help to reduce stress on their posture and sit-stand desks help to keep the body engaged in one’s work. For a business owner, the return on investment of supplying one’s office with sit-stand desks is not negligible. Multiple studies have shown sit-stand desks to improve office productivity, lower healthcare and workers’ compensation costs for small businesses, and ultimately, leave employees feeling happier and more valued. Though we don’t want to create unrealistic expectations as to how sit-stand desks can do in an office environment, there’s no questioning they’re a reliable tool to assist employees.


The average Canadian office worker might spend up to eighteen hours of their day in a sitting position. Between office work, commuting, eating, watching TV, and browsing the computer at home, most of us sit down for an exorbitant amount of time each day. Needless to say, this has an impact on our health. If you don’t already suffer from back pain or have not suffered from it in the past, it’s highly likely that eventually you will begin to feel it. That’s because when we sit, it puts a lot of pressure on our backs. As a species, human anatomy was never meant to be in a sitting position for so long. Now, add on top of that a nagging injury, and you end up with a very uncomfortable situation.


As one of Canada’s go-to eCommerce sources for ergonomic office accessories, there are several sit-stand desks to choose from. The most popular sit-stand desks in Canada include the sit-standing height adjustable desk for monitors 35” wide for $179.99, the sit-standing height adjustable gas spring assisted lift on sale today for $119.99, and the Rocelco height adjustable standing ergonomic desk for $255.99. There are several dozen more sit-stand desk solutions to browse in the PrimeCables catalogue, all of which come with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada already included. Last year, Black Friday 2017 was a big sales event for PrimeCables sit-stand desks. This year, for Black Friday 2018, we expect height adjustable desks to be another big seller.


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Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Converter on sale at PrimeCables.ca!

If you’re working nine-to-five sitting at a desk every day of the week, you may experience some fatigue or soreness that can only be relieved by getting up and walking around the office. One of the best ways to change your workstation is with the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter, on sale till the end of the month for just $99.99.


This Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter allows you to instantly transform your workspace, giving you the opportunity to work standing up, freeing up the blood flow in your legs and providing an alternative to sitting that benefits your posture, feet, and neck.


Featuring a height adjustment range of 40mm to 400mm, or 1.6 inches to 15.7, just set it up on your desktop surface and put your laptop or monitor upon it to give yourself an ergonomic boost to your workstation.


Save $20 and order it before the end of the month and receive free shipping anywhere nationwide!


Ultra-slim and designed for saving space and easy storage, the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter features five height settings on an easy-to-clean plastic surface with a durable steel and aluminum structure. It’s especially helpful for getting work done when you’re suffering from any kind of long-term leg or back injury.


There’s no hydraulic parts or gas spring mechanism, so you can use it right out of the box and install it anywhere, at work, home, school, even on the road. Adjust the height by simply pulling up on the handle on the right-hand side of the device.


Boasting a workspace measuring 660mm x 470mm and a weight capacity of 8kgs., this lightweight and portable height adjustable sit-stand desk converter is suitable for laptops, tablets, and flat screen monitors of all types.

We offer free shipping on any order of $49 and up nationwide, so if you’re already sold, then take advantage of our promotion and stock up on all the ergonomic accessories you need while you’re at it!

We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you’re working, you can get this sit-stand desk converter in about a week anywhere coast to coast. If you’re in dire need of an ergonomic workstation solution, then you can add fast shipping in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, tops.


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Are you Shopping for a Sit-Stand Desk Online – Maybe you Should Check Out PrimeCables!

Are you trying to find the perfect place to shop for sit stand desks, ergonomic accessories, and other office products – PrimeCables is here to help. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce companies in this space, there’s a lot that PrimeCables does better than anyone.


No matter if you’re looking for a high quality work desk, the best price for a sit stand desk in Canada, or are simply seeking a nice and easy way to buy online, PrimeCables is the ultimate eCommerce solution for ergonomic sit stand desks.


For those that haven’t worked at one before, sit stand desks are something really special. They provide you the chance to stand as you work and then, to sit as you need. A sit-stand desk is about providing the option to stand at work. If you’re working in a modern office, you may know how monotonous things can get – especially on a slow day. A sit-stand desk switches things a bit. If you’re looking for a sit-stand desk online, buying through PrimeCables, you can receive fast, free shipping on any order above $49 to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


Via PrimeCables, feel encouraged to browse a range of ergonomic desks including the Rocelco® DADR Deluxe 37.4″ Sit To Stand Adjustable Height Desk Riser – Black for $339.99. There are also plenty of other options which are good on price for the budget-conscious Canadian household, such as the Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – Black PrimeCables® for $149.99, the ISTANT™ Portable Adjustable Laptop Vented Table for $29.99, and the Ultra Slim Height Adjustable Sit and Standing Desk PrimeCables® for $129.99.


Also, if you don’t like anything of what you’re seeing at PrimeCables, you can also buy an electric ergonomic height adjustable riser and add your own table top. Some Canadians prefer this option because it gives them the chance to personalize according to their personality and needs. Nevertheless, an ergonomic desk in the office makes your work setup something a little more comfortable for you. If you’ve ever dreamed of having one, prices have never been better. Please feel encouraged to browse PrimeCables to find the right deal for your work ambitions.


Numerous Canadians have walked away from PrimeCables with the ultimate set of ergonomic solutions. After only a few weeks of use with their sit stand desk, they report feeling healthier, more active, and more productive. That can be you! Buy from PrimeCables today!

How are PrimeCables’ Sit Stand Desks different from Ergotron, Ugoboro, and VariDesk – read here!

Sit stand desks are one of the biggest and best purchases a worker can make to change the way they do business. Be it buying for one’s own personal office or for use at work, a customized ergonomic sit stand desk solution is right around the corner with PrimeCables.


Browse one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce solutions to find the best ergonomic accessories, height adjustable desks, and electric sit stand tech. Though there are models available from corporate retailers such as Ergotron, Ugoboro, and VariDesk, sit stand desks from PrimeCables far exceed in comparison.


Why we believe this to be the case is many reasons. Firstly, there’s the price comparison. As impressive looking as Ergotron, Ugoboro and Varidesk sit stand models may appear, they can cost quite a bit. Browsing PrimeCables, you’ll see discounts, exclusives, and promotions that sometimes knock off as much as 70 percent on select models.


Just as an example, some of our customers’ favourite sit stand desk models include the Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – Black PrimeCables® for $149.99, the Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame (Table Top Not Included) – Black – PrimeCables® for $179.99, the Rocelco® Height Adjustable Standing Monitor Ergonomic Desk Riser – ADR 32″ wide – Black for $255.99, the ISTANT™ Portable Adjustable Laptop Vented Table for $29.99, and the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for $89.99.


Going beyond price, the terms on which you buy from PrimeCables are pretty good if we say so ourselves. Included in every purchase are free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Also, if your order comes above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


The most impressive thing about the PrimeCables ergonomic workstations though is quality. Second to none, PrimeCables has worked with its manufacturers and supplies to deliver the best possible product. Just because the price is ‘cheap’, that doesn’t mean the product has to be. Canadians who have bought a sit stand desk from PrimeCables, they’ve been pleasantly surprised seeing an increase in productivity, better concentration, and less stress on their body.


Needless to say, if you want to save on money without sacrificing quality or performance, PrimeCables is exactly where you want to shop. Compared to other brand names and corporate retail brands, PrimeCables has been able to survive based off of it high quality, low prices, and amazing designs. Shop with PrimeCables today for more information on how to get an ergonomic desk to reduce stress, improve well-being, and produce significant changes in office engagement.

See the Lowest Price in Electric Sit to Stand Desk Deals in Canada

Ergonomic sit to stand desk deals in Canada are growing by the dozen seemingly every year. Moving past just the average ergonomic desk, the sub-category of electric sit to stand desks is something more Canadians are looking into than ever before. The process of manually adjusting one’s desk when they wish to sit or stand can get old real fast. For these people an electric sit to stand desk might be the recommended option.


An electric desk riser like this means that you don’t need to manually adjust anything. Rise and lower the frame as you see fit. Buy the Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame (Table Top Not Included) – Black – PrimeCables® today for only $179.99. When you shop electric sit stand desks like this from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Available now only while quantities last, today’s the right time to buy if you’ve been looking to upgrade your desk setup.


For similar models, you’ll see them priced at almost twice the price and higher. For the lowest prices in Canada, shop with PrimeCables. See why so many Canadians are coming to us for office accessories, desk accessories, and height adjustable desks. For this particular electric sit stand desk, enjoy features including three height memory, a speed of 18 mm/s, and sit-stand time reminders for regular movement. The only thing to keep in mind is that there’s no table top included, which is something many customers really enjoy because they get to pair the electric sit-stand model with their own aesthetic.


There are also several other ergonomic desk options in the PrimeCables catalogue. Please feel encouraged to browse the eCommerce catalogue for more information. As one of the fastest growing names in eCommerce in this space, PrimeCables prides itself on being able to offer exclusive deals on high quality products. Completely re-design how you do work at your desk, when you have the option to sit or stand as you see fit throughout the day. In the same way that your mind is engaged while you work, keep your physical muscles inspired.


Browse numerous discounts, deals, and promotions on ergonomic desks and similar accessories when you shop with PrimeCables. The Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame (Table Top Not Included) – Black – PrimeCables® for $179.99 is quite the steal!