7 Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are many benefits to using a standing desk in a home office environment and/or at a corporate office. If you have any doubts about making the switch to ergonomic desks, consider these 7 points.

PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk
PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk

Lowers risk of weight gain and obesity


Weight gain happens when a body takes in more calories than it burns throughout the day. Standing can be beneficial to keeping calories burning. Compared to sitting, an hour’s worth of standing burns an additional 170 calories.


Lowers blood sugar levels


In a small study analyzing sitting and standing in an office environment, workers who were standing for the first 180 minutes following lunch reduced their blood sugar by 43 percent compared to those sitting in this same period of time.


Lowers risk of heart disease


Since the early 1950s, standing has been recommended as means of lowering heart disease risk. Prolonged sitting time increases risk of heart disease in some office workers by as much as 147 percent. Even an hour of intense exercise cannot fully erase the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Therefore, standing might be a way to switch things up.


Reduces back pain


A standing desk can help to reduce back pain significantly. Some workers have reported up to a 54 percent improvement in lower back pain after having used a sit-standing desk for four weeks or longer. If you suffer from lower back, upper back, or neck pain, a standing desk comes recommended.


Improves mood and energy


There’s no debate as to standing improving energy and mood. In one 7-week study, it was found that users provided standing desks reported increased energy throughout the day. Subsequently, when moving back to regular desks, those same workers found their mood and energy to decrease.


Increases productivity


It’s not uncommon to hear opponents of standing desks say that they could hinder productivity. Actually, the opposite’s been found. In one study, it was found that among employees using a standing desk for 4 hours a day, it had no impact on their productivity and in improving their energy, had a potential increase to their productivity.


You might live longer


Using a standing desk may help to increase your life. Numerous studies have reported prolonged sitting increases risk of death by up to 49 percent. Using a standing desk guards against this. Though there’s no guarantees, you might actually end up living longer with one.


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