Get the Best Ergonomic Standing Desk Deal on Black Friday

Have you ever wanted a Black Friday deal standing desk – this year’s the time to buy. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for all things office-related, PrimeCables is passionate about providing affordable ergonomic office accessories to Canadians everywhere.

PrimeCables sit stand desk for black Friday
PrimeCables sit stand desk for black Friday

This Black Friday, swap out your old computer desk for something new. The sit standing height adjustable ergonomic desk is available with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Using a gas spring assisted lift, this standing desk comes with 41.5” in width for any monitor, computer, or laptop. There are twenty-two pre-defined height adjustments, making it easy for any user to find the optimum angle at which to work. Boost productivity while subsequently reducing stresses on parts of the body such as one’s neck, back, and hips.


Some of the other features you’ll notice with some of the ergonomic standing desk deals is embedded grooves to hold most tablets or smartphones, larger surfaces to place more devices, and an eco-friendly particle board finished with a solid construction. Needless to say, high quality ergonomic office workstations will be just a click away Black Friday 2018. There’s no excuses! In recent years, ergonomic workstations like this have soared in popularity. Save $100s. PrimeCables is covering the shipping at no additional cost to you, and we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


Some of the more interesting ergonomic office desk deals includes the award-winning exercise bike desk cycling workstation for $499.99,  a sit standing height adjustable desk and ergonomic foot rocker for $195.99, the Rocelco height adjustable standing desk for $255.99, a stand steady original standing desk for most desktops for $29.99, a height adjustable laptop and tablet stand portable for $5.99, and the ultra slim height adjustable sit and standing desk for $9.99.


Every person’s Black Friday wish list is going to be a little different. For many young professionals though, there’s an undeniable demand for better office accessories. This has made a significant impact into the types of products being offered on Black Friday. Whether you’re just looking for a desk to watch Netflix on or need something that can be relied on every day to boost your productivity, there’s a lot to browse. An abundance of options, if you want a standing desk at a cheap price, PrimeCables is the place to shop and Black Friday is the day to buy.


Shop your favourite ergonomic standing desk deals this Black Friday and don’t look back. Exceeding last year’s deals, you won’t find a better sale anywhere else in Canada!

Top 10 Reasons When Choosing a Sit Stand Desk for your Office

The average Canadian sits for a minimum of nine hours a day at their desk. Up to 85 percent of Canadians experience discomfort on the job, with the vast majority seeing this from bad office desk etiquette. It’s time to choose a sit-stand desk for your office workstation. Here’s 10 reasons why.



Get better height with a height adjustable sit standing desk. Between 22.6” and 48.7” is best though evidently this varies per person. If people are sharing the desk, it’ll require some range.



Depth allows workers to spread out their things and work. If you don’t have much to spread out, you may be able to save some money examining smaller standing desk models.



Mechanisms used to raise and lower one’s desk can be loud and disruptive. Ensure when buying a sit-standing desk that any noise is minimized as not to bother other workers in the office.



Ergonomic desks allow for more movement, between sitting and standing. You’ll help keep metabolism up while engaging the muscles throughout the day.



Some desks can take time to raise and lower. The faster the speed, the more convenient it’ll be to adjust and get moving.


Buy Power

Powered height adjustable desks and electric risers require access to an electricity source. If you’re able to find it, it’s an easy way to avoid having to bend over throughout the day to constantly be raising and lowering.


Leg fatigue

If your legs or knees are ever fatigued using a computer desk, some of the things you may want to consider purchasing includes supportive shoes, a gel mat, or an ergonomic foot rest.



There are weight restrictions to any desk. If you’re carrying a lot of weight on your desk, consider moving it elsewhere to keep things fluid.



Some desks come with pre-programmed heights while other desks will allow you to program themselves. Be sure to experiment and find the right heights that maximize your productivity.



A height adjustable computer desk is so much more functional than a non-ergonomic desk. It’s a great way to add some impressive hi-tech to your workstation. Give it a whole new functional look and feel.


These are some of the factors that go into choosing a sit-standing desk. Browse all the best standing desks in Canada with PrimeCables. Join today’s most advanced offices and create a modern workstation that gets you excited for work day-in and day-out. See a variety of options with PrimeCables and see the best prices in Canada.

Top 5 Questions Asked from Customers before Getting a Sit Stand Desk

Buying a sit stand desk for the first time, you might have a lot of unanswered questions. Before browsing for your next office desk, don’t get overwhelmed. Here are some answers to make things a little easier.


How much is a sit stand desk in Canada


A height adjustable sit standing desk varies in pricing. It can cost as little as $125 and under up to $1,000s. If you’re looking for a real heavy duty high quality desk model, you don’t need to spend $1,000s to get it. There’s plenty a great sit standing desks up to $400 that will more than work. PrimeCables has several amazing picks that we’re sure you’ll love.


Do I need to replace my desk completely


There are several different ways to incorporate your sit standing desk into your workstation. For example, sometimes, height adjustable legs or the riser itself can be switched out or modified alongside your current desk. There are also other ergonomic features that can be mixed in to personalize your desk.


Will I have to stand all the time with an ergonomic desk


No, you don’t need to stand. That’s the great thing about it. You can sit or stand as needed, adjusting the height whenever you feel is appropriate. The important thing with a height adjustable desk is to switch it up to keep the body engaged. Do some experimenting to find the right heights for both a seated position and a standing position. Your body will thank you!


Will a sit stand desk be able to carry a lot of weight


Some worry that as height is being adjusted, it could accidentally topple what’s on top of the surface or that heavy weight could wear out the crank. That’s a fair concern. For every standing desk, there are weight restrictions. As long as you know what those are and stick to them, don’t expect to have very many issues.


How do I know what the right height is for me


There is no right or wrong height. Experiment a little, and see how low and high you can go. After you get to know your desk a bit better, you may want to buy some special ergonomic office accessories to accommodate you. An anti-fatigue standing mat, foot rest, and more can help relieve some stress on your feet, knees, and lower back.


If you haven’t yet found the right ergonomic sit stand desk for you, browse it all today with PrimeCables.

Facts about Standing Desks that you need to know!

Sitting comes with many dangers yet every day, Canadians across the country are in a sitting position up to 16-18 hours a day. Between our work, our commutes, being on the couch, and being at the dinner table, we sit a lot. Day-in and day-out, all of this sitting adds up.


Thankfully, standing desks were released to the office and corporate markets over a decade ago. Combatting prolonged sitting, a standing desk allows a user to modify the height at which they work.


As offices across the country have implemented ergonomic standing desks into the workplace, the results have been very promising including improvements in mood, energy, and productivity.


In fact, things have been so successful that countries like Denmark have mandated for all office workers to be provided with a height adjustable desk! Canada might not be far away from getting to the same place.


Standing desks promote movement and it’s movement that is the key. When a human being is sitting, it’s an unnatural position for our bodies to be in. It adds stress to places like our shoulders, upper back, lower back, and hips. It creates a range of issues for the person who needs to go through all that sitting. A standing desk, especially one that is height adjustable, allows one to stand and engage their bodies as they do the same with their minds. Standing desks replicate the experience of working on one’s feet. It’s a positive, for sure, though office workers should listen to their bodies and move accordingly. If you need to sit, sit. If you can manage to stand then it’s important to do so. Believe us when we say that it comes with many benefits.


Let’s be clear in saying that working at a desk standing for the entirety of a shift is not necessarily any better than sitting throughout the same period. Movement and posture adjustment is good, and that’s where standing desks succeed. To maximize your health using an ergonomic desk like this, one must understand how to listen to their bodies. Ensure that the products you buy are adjustable to your needs. As an office worker, be encouraged to experiment with what makes you happy, comfortable, and productive. It’s different for everyone. Thankfully, there are more than a dozen high quality ergonomic desk models to choose from in the PrimeCables catalogue.


Browse PrimeCables to find exclusive deals, discounts, and sales on ergonomic height adjustable desks. Available with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all ergonomic desks above $49, now’s the time to buy. Keep the movement going and maximize this powerful tool. Needless to say, you’ll see big returns on productivity, mood, and health. Shop PrimeCables today for more information.

7 Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are many benefits to using a standing desk in a home office environment and/or at a corporate office. If you have any doubts about making the switch to ergonomic desks, consider these 7 points.

PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk
PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk

Lowers risk of weight gain and obesity


Weight gain happens when a body takes in more calories than it burns throughout the day. Standing can be beneficial to keeping calories burning. Compared to sitting, an hour’s worth of standing burns an additional 170 calories.


Lowers blood sugar levels


In a small study analyzing sitting and standing in an office environment, workers who were standing for the first 180 minutes following lunch reduced their blood sugar by 43 percent compared to those sitting in this same period of time.


Lowers risk of heart disease


Since the early 1950s, standing has been recommended as means of lowering heart disease risk. Prolonged sitting time increases risk of heart disease in some office workers by as much as 147 percent. Even an hour of intense exercise cannot fully erase the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Therefore, standing might be a way to switch things up.


Reduces back pain


A standing desk can help to reduce back pain significantly. Some workers have reported up to a 54 percent improvement in lower back pain after having used a sit-standing desk for four weeks or longer. If you suffer from lower back, upper back, or neck pain, a standing desk comes recommended.


Improves mood and energy


There’s no debate as to standing improving energy and mood. In one 7-week study, it was found that users provided standing desks reported increased energy throughout the day. Subsequently, when moving back to regular desks, those same workers found their mood and energy to decrease.


Increases productivity


It’s not uncommon to hear opponents of standing desks say that they could hinder productivity. Actually, the opposite’s been found. In one study, it was found that among employees using a standing desk for 4 hours a day, it had no impact on their productivity and in improving their energy, had a potential increase to their productivity.


You might live longer


Using a standing desk may help to increase your life. Numerous studies have reported prolonged sitting increases risk of death by up to 49 percent. Using a standing desk guards against this. Though there’s no guarantees, you might actually end up living longer with one.


Visit PrimeCables for all the best deals on ergonomic office furniture, sit-standing desks, and more!

Is Ergonomic Standing Desk Height Important – read here!

Benefits of standing desks are well understood. Used at home, at the office, at school, and all over, ergonomically designed sit-standing desks protect against the dangers of prolonged sitting. Somewhat unfortunately, one thing that’s not discussed as it pertains to these desks is at what height a user can achieve maximized results.


The answer to that question is based on a user’s anatomy. The ideal height is determined in two ways – by using the user’s elbow level and resting eye level. The elbow indicates body posture whereas resting eye level indicates whether there’ll be a tilt to your neck, potentially resulting in back strain or neck issues.


Now, most high-end height adjustable ergonomic desks use a motor lift to change height. They also allow for seated positions, which is great for office workers who want to be able to stand or sit as needed. All a user has to do is push a button. There’s no crank or anything. That said, there are more inexpensive hand-operated ergonomic desks which can appeal to those on a tight budget.


There’s a lot to think about when planning the optimum height for your ergonomic standing desk. Proper keyboard height for typing is important. One wants their wrists to be in a neutral position. That means that they are not bending towards the finger or thumb and that they are not tilted upwards. When wrists are neutrally positioned, your tendons won’t be prone to the same strain that other office workers struggle with.


Regarding screen height, the top of your screen should be at a user’s resting eye level. A user should not be forced to tilt their head up or down. If this isn’t already achieved with your ergonomic standing desk, you may need to make some adjustments. When a head tilts up or down, it increases the potential for fatigue and discomfort.


A height adjustable standing desk is better than being seated for hours on-end however it’s not going to magically resolve all posture issues. It’s still important to take regular breaks, stretch, and, if appropriate, to use ergonomic office accessories to adjust the heights of your monitor and keyboard to minimize posture issues common among office workers who have to sit.


Browse height adjustable ergonomic standing desks at PrimeCables and receive your ‘free shipping’ coupon on any order above $49. Anyone serious about improving their health via an ergonomic standing desk can do so by shopping the best deals in Canada from PrimeCables. There’s no better place to shop!

PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk

There are many things to weigh in pros and cons when selecting a sit-stand desk. With more than a dozen exclusive ergonomic desk models from PrimeCables available, we thought we’d count down ten considerations to make when finding the right desk for you.


Height adjustability


Every ergonomic sit-standing desk may come with a specific height range. Optimum height range varies between 22.6” to 48.7” though evidently this depends on the individual. If it’s a shared desk, select a desk with a decent range to it to accommodate the different heights.




If you want to be able to spread out your work, it’s a necessity to take into consideration depth. Then again, if you don’t have a lot of paper to spread out, depth might not be so important and you can select an ergonomic desk with less of a footprint.




Adjusting height can sometimes be noisy so it bears keeping in mind whether an electric mechanism is loud or disruptive. Thankfully, not all of them are. If they are noisy though and you’re working in a corporate public environment, your standing desk adjustments may disturb others.




There are many different ways to raise and lower a sit-standing desk. There are hand cranks, electric lifts, and pneumatic lifts. If it’s electric or pneumatic, it should be quiet and easy to accomplish. If it’s a hand crank, your desk is more likely to be difficult to adjust.




Some height adjustable desks may take time to raise and lower them. The faster the speed is, the more often a person is likely to use the height adjustment feature. This bears keeping in mind if you’re buying for a workforce rather than yourself.




If you buy an ergonomic desk, such as those from PrimeCables, that requires a power source to be able to function, you must ensure you’re in a space with easy access. Keep in mind this may not always be the case.


Leg fatigue


If someone has to stand the entirety of their shift at a standing desk, they’re going to get fatigued. They may require a supportive ergonomic mat, a riser to support one foot while standing, a gel mat, or something else. Tolerance builds but not that quickly.




Sit-stand desks come with weight restrictions. Exceeding these may result in a desk no longer functioning in height adjustment. Make sure the desk is equipped to handle your equipment.




Some desks can be programmed with different preset height adjustments. Then, there are other desks that already come with programming done. Depending on what you need from your ergonomics, consider this.




The functionality of a sit-standing desk is up for debate in some offices. The aesthetic of your office environment should be taken into consideration. For example, you may need to accommodate things like lighting, rails, or privacy screens.


Shop all the best deals on ergonomic desks at PrimeCables and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49!