Considering the Best Cheap Home Theater Speakers for your Living Room

PrimeCables’ home theater speakers are cheap, high quality, and start as low as under $50. You don’t need to spend $1,000s to get good quality speakers to supplement a high quality TV or projector screen. Considering its price point, nothing else comes even remotely close. There are some real room-shaking surround sound options to browse in addition to smaller sound setups, appropriate for spaces of all shapes and sizes.


Some of our favourite options include a Bluetooth home theater wireless speaker setup w/ fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. Available for $49.99, indulge in multiple input options, a full functioning remote, superior sound quality, and a modern slim design that can fit into more or less anywhere in your living room.


For only $39.99, you may also want to go with a pair of high-performance bookshelf speakers. Perfect for gamers or Canadians using an office desk for a desktop computer, home theater bookshelf speakers like these are perfect for home offices, dorm rooms, and smaller multi-purpose setups. Less expensive than the Bluetooth model, this is a great choice for start-up home theaters. If you’re planning to build an in-wall speaker setup, consider the PrimeCables’ 6.5” 2-way frameless speaker pair for $49.99. Including a paintable frameless magnetic grille, these guys provide superior sound quality at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere.


Compared to value brands, PrimeCables models consistently outperform on price, availability, and sound quality. If you want to spend more, there’s no shortage of home theater speaker options out there to take advantage of. Enjoy a detailed, faithful, and subtle listening experience with PrimeCables speakers. You’ll never have to struggle to hear dialogue, hear distortion across certain frequencies, or see your speakers struggle with higher volumes. For audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, and Canadian homeowners, get the benefit of paying for less for an advanced system that’s relatively easy to set up. Combine your speakers with other accessories from PrimeCables for a full home theater experience.


PrimeCables has worked with manufacturers to provide the best quality products at the best possible prices. See exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions on cheap home theater speakers and more. See fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $29 September-only, as well as free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Just a click away, your favourite home theater speakers are available today from Canada’s top eCommerce brand. Shop PrimeCables today.

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