How to Choose an HDMI Cable

Cheap, high quality HDMI cables are only a click away with PrimeCables. Now an essential part of most home theater systems and monitor setups, HDMI cables are used for smart TVs, gaming consoled, PCs, and all sorts of devices.

There may be the perception that there is some disparity between the prices of some HDMI cables. If you are wondering how to choose an HDMI cable, you’ve come to the right place. There are five predominant types of HDMI cables to browse, all available in the PrimeCables catalogue. There’s the ‘premium standard’ which is best for anyone seeking low price but high quality. There’s nothing fancy about it but as a standard-issued HDMI cable, it gets the job done with a high-speed connection. Then, there is ‘flexible’ which allows one to manipulate the ends of their cable, perfect for use in tight spaces, for wall mounting, and/or to protect the internal ports. If you have traditionally had trouble connecting cables behind your screen, a flexible type cable might be best.

The other three types of HDMI cables are where things tend to get a little fancy. There’s the ‘use in-wall HDMI cable’ which comes with a CL2 rating jacket manufactured specially for use inside or through the walls of residential buildings. Starting at only $3.99, it’s a real steal at PrimeCables to go for an in-wall cable like this. Next, there’s the ‘Nylon Jacket protection’ type which is our best-selling HDMI cable. Featuring a superior performance and reliability for extended use, the Nylon jacket provides far more protection than other cable types. If you have pets who like to chew on cables or have had issues in the past with broken cables, you may want to consider a jacket with more protection.

Lastly, there’s the absolute best HDMI cable on the market – the HDMI 2.0 4K cable. Using this high quality HDMI cable, you’ll notice 4K resolution at 60Hz wrapped in a Nylon jacket. Even better, the cable’s starting price is $8.49 so it’s actually not that expensive at all, especially compared to what you’ll find in retail. As evidence, there are some changes in picture quality and price that one may want to weigh. Depending on the intention you wish to use it for, length may also be given some consideration. The ultimate thing we can guarantee when buying an HDMI cable via PrimeCables is reliability. You’ll get a high quality A/V capable of handling gaming consoles, laptops, and all sorts of devices. Shop PrimeCables to see where to find your next HDMI cable!

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