How to extend your HDMI signal?

Have you ever wished you had the capacity to extend your HDMI signal – well, if this is you, we might have the perfect solution. PrimeCables specializes in HDMI cables and as Canada’s top eCommerce resources for HDMI products, we see a lot of requests and queries surrounding adaptors and extenders. After speaking with our manufacturers and suppliers, we are proud to be able to bring to the table devices to extend HDMI signals by up to 328 ft.!


Check it out. This is a little about how it works. Normally, if you wanted to send a signal as far as this, one would have to get a really expensive long HDMI cable, possibly multiples and having them connected via extenders or adapters. Comparatively, when using an HDMI extender, you can maximize the use of existing Cat5e or Cat6 cables to transfer signal. By this route, one can transfer deep color video and lossless compressed audio.


Some of the HDMI extension products you’ll find available via PrimeCables includes the HDMI extender over UTP cable with pigtail support 1080p for $17.99, the HDMI extender 164 ft. over UTP cable Cat 5e/6 HDMI extender support 1080p for $69.99, and the professional grade HDMI extender 1×2 splitter for $161.99. The latter comes with ‘free shipping’ included to anywhere in Canada, alongside free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. If you’re looking to distribute the input of the HDMI signal into two identical outputs simultaneously, this is precisely the product you want. See two RJ45 outputs, adherence to the IEEE-568B standard, long-distance transmission capability, video resolution up to 1080p, and optimum safety and performance included.


We would also like to mention some exclusive PrimeCables-only deals on premium HDMI high-speed Ethernet cables with Nylon jacket protection that are second to none. Choose from lengths ranging from three feet for $4.99 to six feet for $5.99, ten feet for $7.99, and fifteen feet for $7.99. Depending on what you’re looking to make with your home entertainment setup, these cables are absolutely worth considering alongside any HDMI extension product.


For more information on where to get premium HDMI extension, PrimeCables is Canada’s favourite for such purchases. See the lowest prices in Canada and don’t pay a cent for shipping on any order above $49!

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