How to Choose a Good Extension Cord and Surge Protector?

Extension cords and surge protectors are found in almost every Canadian household. High performance household products like this are used every day and we often don’t think about how valuable these products really are. That said, we oftentimes end up missing our extension cords and surge protectors, abandoning them in our garages or basements. We don’t always remember to get extras, and it’s easy to throw it to the back of the drawer and completely forget about where your cable is.


As one of Canada’s top sites for household products, we know the value in extension cords and surge protectors. We have several different items on-sale in this category including the massive 10-outlet surge protector power strip with 2 metres of cable for $14.99. If you’ve struggled to find the a surge protector large enough to accommodate your power needs, this may surely be it. If you’re looking for a surge protector that accommodates USB charging ports, we have a 6-outlet wall mount surge protector with two USB ports included in its design for $11.99. Selecting a design like this one, you’ll never have to worry about bringing a USB charging adapter. Instead, just plug it in.


Some of the other impressive products in this category includes the smaller 3-outlet wall mount surge protector with smartphone holder and dual USB charging ports for $9.99, the Canadian small office favourite in the 6-outlet power strip with three-foot cord for $14.99, the 4-outlet power strip surge protector with 4 USB ports for $19.99, and the supremely heavy duty 8-outlet rotating surge strip 2160 Joules from Monoprice for $39.99. If you have some electronics to protect from damaging electricity and voltage spikes, the latter is a recommendation you won’t mind taking. The 180-degree rotating design also makes it easy to change where exactly you’re plugging in what.


If you’re coming to PrimeCables for power extension cords, surge protectors, surge protection mounts, and similar products, there are dozens upon dozens of possible options to enjoy. We are proud to be a top Canadian choice in power surge protectors and similar household products. If you’ve come to us searching for a larger purchase, throwing a product like this onto your order can help reach the $49 minimum which qualifies a customer for ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada.


The prices have all recently dropped so now’s the perfect time to buy. Make it worthwhile and pick up an extra if you want. As simple as a surge protector is, it’s worth its weight in gold. Install it in your entertainment setup and never have to worry about your electronics being at risk.

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