Portable Power Bank Deal during Black Friday at PrimeCables.ca

The PrimeCables® 4000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank, normally $14.99, is just $9.99 during Black Friday weekend, November 23, through to Cyber Monday, November 26, exclusively at PrimeCables.ca!

This palm-size, ultra portable power bank and battery charger carries a charge of 4000mAh, giving your USB-powered devices an extended lifespan between charges. It gives the iPhone 6 and 6s more than double the usual uptime, Galaxy S6 and 7s the equivalent of 1.6 charges, and the Nexus 5 1.7 charges.

Take it with you in your pocket and keep your smartphone charged from sunrise to sundown and beyond!

Measuring just 1.7” in width, 0.8” in depth, and 3.5” in height, the sleek design even boasts a smart battery level indicator and flashlight, so you can conserve your mobile’s battery life and gauge the best time to plug it in and juice it back up.

With more than 100 customer reviews, this is not only one of our most well-received products, but one of most highly recommendable AC power accessories.

The engineering inside is complex, providing the battery with protection from short circuiting and overcurrent, a built-in IC chip to protect from high temperatures and over-charging, smart charging that detects the optimal current and most efficient charge for whatever device you hook it up to, and last but not least, a long-lasting lithium-ion battery with 4000mAh capacity.

Using the PrimeCables® 4000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank is simple. Plug in the compact portable power bank to any USB power source and detach it when the LED indicators stop blinking. Then hook it up via Micro USB (included) to charge up your USB-powered device on the go. Click the button once to check the battery level, twice to switch the flashlight on and off.

Check out our official YouTube video review here.

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For all the best deals this year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, visit us now at PrimeCables.ca!

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