Where to look for the Cabling Tool for your Home?

Searching for high quality cable testers and crimping tools – we have everything Canada’s handymen need. If you’re looking to upgrade and re-wire a home theater system, install a new speaker system, or create the ultimate tech workstation personalized to your needs, browse PrimeCables’ inventory of cables, adapters, and tools today.


Just some of what you’ll find in Canada’s go-to eCommerce catalogue for such tools includes crimps, strips, and cutters, network tools, BNC and RCA coaxial tools, stud finders, cleaning kits, and all types of testers. There’s no shortage of network tools that would make fine additions to anyone regularly experimenting with wire.


The most favourite product in this category, as selected by customers, is the all-in-one network cable tester and crimping tools combo for RJ-45 RJ-11. Usually available for a market price of $50.61, you’ll find this network cabling tool combination deal available for a limited time for only $12.99. Included is the multifunctional network cable tester, RJ45-RJ11-RJ12 BNC network cable tester, network cable tester with RJ-45 crimping tool, and 2-in-1 RJ45-RJ11 crimping tool with a rachet 8/6 pin.


Some of the other cabling tools you’ll find through PrimeCables includes the quick RJ-45 network cable tester from Monoprice for $41.99, the RJ-11 and RJ-45 modular plug tester to ensure your network is running smoothly for $19.99, and the 3-ways modular plug crimp, strip, and cuts tool with rachet for $27.99.


We also have professional cable tester networking kits such as this one from Monoprice. Ideal for testing almost any cable connection, included in this package for $119.99 is a cable tester, punching tool, cable stripping tool, heavy duty crimping tool, and a ‘free shipping’ coupon ensuring you don’t have to pay a cent more to receive your purchase anywhere in Canada. All tools are high quality, professional grade, and contained in a lightweight carry case.


If you want to go even bigger, there’s the LAN and coaxial installation kit with tester and tone generator combination for $259.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. Included in this massive package are multiple cable testers, multi-conductor cable stripper an cutters, black box RJ45 breakout adapter, crimping die, coaxial crimping die, cutting pliers, punch-down impact tool, and multiple testers.


Shop all of these products and so many other cabling tools for the home from PrimeCables. See the lowest prices in Canada off of much-needed cabling tools and never have to worry again. Buy tools separately or get them as a part of a kit. It’s all up to you! So the next time you’re searching for the right mix of cabling tools and testers, be sure to drop in and shop your next cabling purchase from PrimeCables.

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