How to Choose the Right Headphones for You during black Friday 2018

There’s a lot of different headphone types out there. Choosing the right headphones for you is going to rely on knowing your preferences and figuring out what’s best for how you want to use them

They’re not only being used by musicians, music enthusiasts, and podcast listeners, but headphones are becoming a go-to component for home theater systems across Canada. Inexpensive and high quality models exist, such as those from PrimeCables. Canadians certainly don’t need to spend $1,000s on a great pair of headphones.


Set a Budget


Decide how much you want to spend. If you just need a functional pair, all you might want is a pair of earbuds. If you want something higher quality, there’s a lot of headphone models out there for under $100.


Choose your Type


There are three main types of headphones – in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. Comparable to one another, each has different price points. Over-ears can be light and tidy while in-ears can deliver just as high quality performance as anything.


How You Want to Use It


If you’re using headphones for home theater use, you may want an over-ear pair. These help block out outside noises and will keep you focused on the screen. Over-ear headphones are also bulky enough to store anywhere around your home theater system without losing them. Regarding what features you want them to have, there are noise-cancelling options out there, wireless headphones that come with Bluetooth capability, and budget-friendly hi-di DJ-style options.




Your headphones should sit comfortably on your head, sized appropriately. This makes it important to decide the style you want and to stick with it. If you’re going to be wearing them regularly, you don’t want to torture yourself. Browse recommended pairs from brands like PrimeCables to see the different styles and to picture them on your head.




Though some Canadians don’t really care what their headphones look like, a lot do. Consider how they’ll contribute to your aesthetic, especially if you’ll be wearing them while commuting. If it’s a great pair of headphones high quality and attractive in appearance, you won’t hesitate to pull them out and use them.


Shop PrimeCables for the lowest prices in Canada on the best headphones in 2018. Noise cancelling headphones, earbuds, and wireless Bluetooth headphones are all available. These models sound great and come highly recommended from our clientele. You’ll be so happy removing them right from the box and putting them on. Shop PrimeCables today for all the best deals.

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