Looking for Monoprice Cables in Canada – Visit PrimeCables.ca

Monoprice is a great brand name for audio cables and one PrimeCables is proud to offer its thousands of Canadian customers, especially during Black Friday 2018 deals

monoprice in Canada
monoprice in Canada

Monoprice has a lot of amazing home theater and consumer cables on discount from PrimeCables, including HDMI cables, video cables, audio cables, USB cables, and DisplayPort cables. There’s no shortage of options from Monoprice when it comes to making sure you’ve for the fastest, most high quality cables to pull from for smartphones, tablets, and devices of all kinds.


Monoprice also has several networking cables, including high quality Ethernet cables to browse. Choose from Cat5e network cables, Cat6 network cables, bulk network cable purchases, fiber optic cables, and phone cables. A great opportunity to upgrade your Internet connectivity, you’ll be choosing a brand name you can rely on. See a good product that won’t cost you everything.


For Monoprice in Canada, that’s not all the products on the table either. Choose from adapters related to audio, video, splitters, switches, and converters. Monoprice also has wall plates, keystone jacks, tools, testers, cable organizers, surge protectors, and power strips.


This is one of the leading brand names in cable accessories and in the last decade, Monoprice has firmly established itself as an affordable option in eCommerce. For any cable or wiring household needs, Monoprice can help. Since moving from a small collection of HDMI and audio cables, the company has expanded to everything from PC to networking and more.


The trouble with Monoprice however is that they are an American-made brand located in the United States. Trying to find Monoprice products in Canada are not easy, with only a select number of resellers out there – at least, until now.


PrimeCables is proud to offer Monoprice in Canada with amazing features like free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.


Some of the amazing Monoprice product categories you can browse from PrimeCables includes HDMI cables in standard and high-speed, 3.5mm audio cables, component video cables, lightning Apple cables, TV wall mounts, Cat6 network patch cables, and other accessories.


When you order Monoprice from PrimeCables, you’ll pay less than you’d pay if you were to import from the United States. All of PrimeCables’ warehouses are located in Canada, making shipping easy and inexpensive – just like Monoprice in Canada would want. As we look towards the future, we hope this relationship with Monoprice continues long into the future. Feel free to browse the Monoprice catalogue through PrimeCables storefront for more info on where to find the best deals!

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