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Monoprice is a great brand name for audio cables and one PrimeCables is proud to offer its thousands of Canadian customers, especially during Black Friday 2018 deals

monoprice in Canada
monoprice in Canada

Monoprice has a lot of amazing home theater and consumer cables on discount from PrimeCables, including HDMI cables, video cables, audio cables, USB cables, and DisplayPort cables. There’s no shortage of options from Monoprice when it comes to making sure you’ve for the fastest, most high quality cables to pull from for smartphones, tablets, and devices of all kinds.


Monoprice also has several networking cables, including high quality Ethernet cables to browse. Choose from Cat5e network cables, Cat6 network cables, bulk network cable purchases, fiber optic cables, and phone cables. A great opportunity to upgrade your Internet connectivity, you’ll be choosing a brand name you can rely on. See a good product that won’t cost you everything.


For Monoprice in Canada, that’s not all the products on the table either. Choose from adapters related to audio, video, splitters, switches, and converters. Monoprice also has wall plates, keystone jacks, tools, testers, cable organizers, surge protectors, and power strips.


This is one of the leading brand names in cable accessories and in the last decade, Monoprice has firmly established itself as an affordable option in eCommerce. For any cable or wiring household needs, Monoprice can help. Since moving from a small collection of HDMI and audio cables, the company has expanded to everything from PC to networking and more.


The trouble with Monoprice however is that they are an American-made brand located in the United States. Trying to find Monoprice products in Canada are not easy, with only a select number of resellers out there – at least, until now.


PrimeCables is proud to offer Monoprice in Canada with amazing features like free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.


Some of the amazing Monoprice product categories you can browse from PrimeCables includes HDMI cables in standard and high-speed, 3.5mm audio cables, component video cables, lightning Apple cables, TV wall mounts, Cat6 network patch cables, and other accessories.


When you order Monoprice from PrimeCables, you’ll pay less than you’d pay if you were to import from the United States. All of PrimeCables’ warehouses are located in Canada, making shipping easy and inexpensive – just like Monoprice in Canada would want. As we look towards the future, we hope this relationship with Monoprice continues long into the future. Feel free to browse the Monoprice catalogue through PrimeCables storefront for more info on where to find the best deals!

How to Pick the Right Monitor Mount from Monoprice Canada

Have you ever thought about mounting your monitor and upgrading your workstation – well, there’s never been a better time to buy. Browsing today’s collection of monitor mounts, you’ll see them range from single monitor mounts and dual monitor mounts to as many as four-monitor mounts, six-monitor mounts, and beyond! If you already have a low quality monitor stand, choosing the right monitor mount is a great chance to make a difference to your work.

dual monitor mount from monoprice canada
dual monitor mount from monoprice canada

How to pick the right monitor mount involves first knowing what VESA specifications you have. If your monitor is not VESA compatible, you won’t be able to mount it through standard methods. VESA 100 is the standard though many small, cheap, or thin monitors won’t be VESA-compatible. Nevertheless, there are many different types of monitor desk mounts. If you’re on a budget, you may want to take on an ergonomic freestanding mount. Similar to a computer stand, all they do is attach to your monitor and rest on the desk’s surface. They can assist in achieving bigger height, tilting the monitor, and sometimes rotating the screen. This is your most basic option.


If you’re looking to make the most from the desk space you’re working with, consider browsing side-clamp desk mounts which are exactly what you think they are. For these, you’ll need a heavy duty computer desk to take the weight. Also very ergonomic and affordable, a side-clamp monitor mount is a preferred choice among many Canadians on a budget. There are also through-the-desk grommet stands for heavier monitors requiring flexibility and then, full-service wall mounts. Many gamers, home theater enthusiasts, and Canadians looking for multi-purpose use from their monitor mounts, a wall mount may be best.


For every person and household, the right monitor mount for them will be different. These are just a few of the options that can be used. There’s a reason monitor mounts have grown in popularity in the last decade. They look impressive, free up space, and offer an unobstructed monitor viewing experience. If you have multiple monitors, it’s also a great way to get everything up off the top of the desk and creating the ultimate workstation for you. Whether it’s for a home office, a small business space, or a corporate environment, monitor mounts are being used everywhere.


Browse some of the top monitor mounts in Canada from PrimeCables. Choose from single monitor, dual monitor, three monitor, four monitor, six monitor, and other multi-monitor desk mounts. Premium, heavy duty options await and find the best prices in Canada.

How to Choose a PC Monitor for Gaming

Maximize your PC’s video capabilities by upgrading your monitor with all the best gaming specifications. Feel free to check our black friday monitor deals from PrimeCables.ca

PrimeCables black friday monitor deals
PrimeCables black Friday 2018 monitor deals

There’s nothing like sitting down in front of an amazing video display to play your favourite game. Though a gaming-based PC monitor can add up in expense rather quickly, you may be able to shave off some of that price depending on what you’re looking for.

The experiencing of playing a PC game changes quite a bit, relying entirely on the monitor to deliver performance. You don’t necessarily need 4K, 8K, or whichever specification to have an amazing experience. There are variables you may want to get to know including refresh rates, response times, and additional features.

Is your monitor’s primary purpose to serve your gaming console

To find the greatest PC monitor, identify the monitor’s main purpose. Fast refresh rates and response times should be prioritized, if it is indeed a gaming monitor. If you intend to use it for professional purposes, you may want to consider color accuracy and high-contrast as priorities.

The highest resolution possible for your budget

Especially for gamers, you want to buy a monitor with the highest resolution possible. A monitor’s resolution will tell you how many pixels it carries, defined in a ‘length x width’ format such as 1920×1080 which is otherwise known as 1080p. Though some may prefer a 2K or 4K gaming monitor, 1080p is the minimum resolution you’ll need if you want to game.

Shorter response times are better than longer ones

Though non-gamers may not appreciate a good, fast response time, a gamer absolutely will. Response time defines how long it takes for a monitor to change pixels from black to white. Response times that are long lead to blurriness when gaming.

Your PC monitor’s refresh rate should be high

Measured in hertz, refresh rates identifies how much time is required for your monitor to update with new information. Higher refresh rates ensures smoother, less choppy images. For gamers, they’ll require a refresh rate of at least 75Hz. Thankfully, the majority of monitors designed specifically for gaming include a refresh rate of minimum 144Hz. If the monitor is not being used for gaming, you have some more leeway with what your refresh rate can be.

Curved or non-curved monitors is up to preference

Some will want a 1080p curved monitor whereas to others, it won’t matter. Compared to flat gaming monitors, curved gaming monitors are supposed to mimic the manner in which our eyeballs are said to see however there are some who do not like curved monitors. It also may be difficult to place in the home, if you intend to use a TV wall mount to hang it and/or to stick it against the wall.

For curved gaming monitors, PC monitors of all varieties, monitor mounts, and more gaming accessories, visit PrimeCables today.

Have you heard about our Brand Motto ” PrimeCables, we make Strong Cables!”

Cables are something every Canadian uses on a daily basis. Cables are used to charge our laptops, charge our smartphones and tablets, connect devices to our home theater systems, transfer media, transfer data, and so much more. If we took away cables from daily living, it would likely be a struggle for many households in figuring out how to replace them.


For Canadians seeking for cheap high quality cables, they come to PrimeCables. There’s a lot of reasons to shop with PrimeCables. We got fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 and, included on every purchase, a 1-year product guarantee and free returns. Also, we sell some of the strongest cables you’ll find anywhere. How we do this is through Nylon jacket protection.


Nylon jacket protection takes the place of what would otherwise be material easy to nick, cut, chew, and break. If you have a past history of breaking your USB cables, our Nylon jacket USB cables are highly recommended. There’s a lot of reason one would make the switch to a stronger cable. For example, they’re pet chew resistant. If you have a cat or dog who likes to chew on electrical cords, the Nylon protection will keep them from breaking the cord or chewing through. There’s nothing worse than having to replace a cable because a pet chewed through. It also puts the pet at risk of the toxicity of what’s in the cable. That said, with Nylon, there’s nothing toxic about it.


Nylon jacket protection also has great temperature control. In high temperature environments, PrimeCables’ cables have met the utmost standards in multi-purpose cable performance. In cold environments, a Nylon jacket is able to stay flexible and with a high unlikelihood of being fractured. If you’ve ever set out with a cable in the freezing cold winter, you know how it can essentially freeze. That shouldn’t happen as easily with a Nylon cable. For this reason, Nylon protection is a preferred feature across Apple MFI-certified lighting USB cables, Nylon HDMI cables, AUX stereo audio cables, and general USB sync and charge cables.


Furthermore, Nylon cables are wear resistant and corrosion resistant. If you’ve had difficulties in the past with abrasion or corrosion, this is the best product you can buy. The Nylon twine rope is an amazing feature that’s growing in popularity across Canada for these reasons.


The next time anyone is searching for a high quality USB cable or a cable with Nylon protection, visit PrimeCables. Increase performance and protection, and never look back with a Nylon USB cable. We also have some combination deals to help on price and provide you with an extra cable should you need it.

The Best True Wireless Earphones exclusively at PrimeCables.ca!

The brand new Monoprice® True Wireless Earphones are Monoprice’s rechargeable fully functional Bluetooth earphones coming soon to PrimeCables.ca for the low price of $89.99, including free shipping anywhere in Canada.

monoprice headphone

Forget about all your old wires and welcome to the future of earphones. Featuring powerful sound reproduction, ergonomic design, and up to 3.5 hours of continuous playback, connecting to your Bluetooth-enabled device right out of the box, with a 30-foot range. Providing great sound anywhere you roam, the Monoprice® True Wireless Earphones comes equipped with playback and hands-free phone call controls at your fingertips.


Easy to set up and easy to use, without the need to turn them on. Simply remove them from the charging case and they pair instantly with your mobile device or computer.


The charging case complements this premium set of earphones by storing up to 15 hours of juice (500mAh) so you can recharge them on-the-go, the entire ensemble compact and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, weighing only 2oz. altogether.


The super-simple design can be broken down horizontally: ear tips, outer case, speaker driver, magnet, charging PCBA, battery, earphone PCBA, shield cap, button, and CD cap.


Boasting a 30-foot range of mobility, between 2 and 4.5 hours of play time (each earphone containing a 50mAh battery), and taking only 2 hours to fully recharge, these earphones are as elegantly simple as it gets.


Take them to work, to school, on the bus, train, or metro, to the gym or around the block, in the car, outdoors on a hike, to the park or to the beach. Even share them with a friend on a road trip to enjoy Netflix together on your way to your destination or rock out to your favourite playlist.


We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you live, whether it’s Iqaluit or Tilt Cove, you’ll get exactly what you ordered in about a week, anywhere coast to coast. If you need it to arrive even quicker, add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it in a day or two, tops.


With free shipping on any order $49 and up, get the Monoprice® True Wireless Earphones and take advantage of our promotion by browsing our massive catalogue of home theatre gadgets, hardware, and accessories.


For all your wireless earphone needs, audiophiles, athletes, and workaholics alike, visit us today at PrimeCables.ca!

Back to School Deal Highlight: Get a Dual Headphone Stand Hanger for under $20

Back to school is one of the most important shopping seasons of the year and we’ve got school supplies for every type of lifestyle. Right now, you can get the PrimeCables® Headphone Stand for just $14.99, an aluminum alloy hanger that can hold two pairs of headphones in a clean and organized manner.

PrimeCables headphone mount

If you’re an amateur musician and video gamer, this headphone stand / hanger is totally the perfect organization/storage solution for you.


Keep your musician’s headphones on one arm, and your video gaming headset on the other. The stand won’t tip over, because of its excellent weight balance. It also features silicone cushion pads on the bottom of the base and a leather inlay on top, providing a safe and secure place to hold your headphones while maintaining their shape, settings, and condition.


Easy to reach and easy to install, sturdy and lightweight, this is an excellent item for your bedroom, workspace, and home.


Don’t fret anymore about where to store your headphones where they can be safe, uncluttered, and accessible – this is the best tool available for organizing your headphones, at the lowest price around!


Avoid scratches. Avoid dropping. Avoid tangled cords. Get the PrimeCables Headphone Stand today!


Free shipping is normally applicable to all orders of $49 and up, but until the end of July, place an order of $29 or more, and receive free shipping on your entire shopping cart!


You can score that free shipping by getting yourself the Monoprice® Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones, for just $39.99. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and complete with high-quality sound, these are the best headphones for starting school in September.

monoprice headphone deal from PrimeCables Canada
monoprice headphone deal from PrimeCables Canada

These hi-fi headphones fit over your head, isolating the sound from all other outside noises with their thick, comfortable padding. They are lighter than other over-the-head designs and still deliver the highest quality of sound possible.


Our warehouses are situated in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you’re ordering from in Canada, you’re sure to get your shipment quickly. If that’s not quick enough for you, you can add fast shipping to any order for just $5.95 and get it in just a day or two, nationwide.


Whether it’s headphones or a headphone stand that you need, if you’re looking for the best in style, lifespan, quality, and price, then you’ll want to do all your back-to-school shopping with us. At PrimeCables.ca, we have the best in cables, the best in audio equipment, and the best back-to-school deals in the country!

Back to school Tips: Get New Headphones and Earbuds for Cheap for the Walk Home from School

The rituals of back to school shopping focus a lot of school supplies and products needed for the classroom, and rightfully so! That said, there might be other parts of the school experience to consider when shopping.

Get the best back to school deals in Canada
Get the best back to school deals in Canada

For example, the walk home. For kids everywhere, the commutes to and from school can sometimes be very boring. When they’re out and about, a set of headphones or earbuds combined with an MP3 player can help them keep engaged while having to walk home.

Get the monoprice canada headphone at back to school
Get the monoprice canada headphone at back to school

For kids with an interest in music, podcasts, or audio books, a set of headphones and/or earbuds also make for a great gift. After all, earbuds break all the time and it never hurts to have an extra on one’s person. Just slip it into their backpack and let them know they’re there for when they need it.


Shop earbuds for back to school shopping today with PrimeCables and receive discounts up to 70% off. Some of the more popular headphones and earbuds available to buy in Canada includes the Hi-Fi Reflective Sound Technology Earbuds Headphones w/ Microphone-Black/Bronze for $19.99, the Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones with Mic for $35.99, the Enhanced Bass Noise Isolating Earbuds Headphones for $11.99, and the Hi-Fi Premium Noise Isolating Earbuds Headphones – Black & Red – Monoprice® for $17.99.


Back to school shopping is a love and hate kind of chore. By mixing in some items that are more student-friendly and less school-focused, like earbuds, it can help to make things a little more fun. In some cases, we’ve had Canadians buy a few different items from PrimeCables, putting them together as a sort of back to school package for their kids. Should you decide to stock up with PrimeCables, enjoy fast, free shipping on these items to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


When you shop with PrimeCables, you get to save yourself money and time. There might not be a need to go roaming the many aisles searching for the supplies that are left on the shelf. Shop with PrimeCables early while our inventory is in to keep the whole back to school shopping process simple. Maybe even include the kids! Check with them for the kinds of things they would like to have throughout the upcoming school season. Get the best buys from PrimeCables and take in what it’s like to shop with the fastest growing Canadian eCommerce company!

Canadian alternative Monoprice cables, pay less on shipping and customs fees!

Monoprice® Canada is the brand famous for offering high quality, affordable cables for all your TV, home theatres, networking, and audio needs. As one of Monoprice’s top resellers, you can avoid paying for exorbitant shipping and customs fees by ordering Canadian Monoprice through PrimeCables!

monoprice canada free shipping
monoprice Canada free shipping

Monoprice Cable Management Tools are the most popular Monoprice product that we ship. Whether you’re looking for cable ties, mounts, clips, or raceways, PrimeCables has got what you need.


For starters, consider the Cable Management Kit, a 16-piece set for just $15.99. Spanning over 80” in coverage, protect your cables, running them alongside walls, around corners, or on the ceiling, giving a professional looking installation to your wires, with adhesive foam tape on each rail, variety of connection covers, and paintable body coming in stock white. Instead of taping wires to trim or stapling them into the carpet, secure your home or office cable network with this simple solution.

buy monoprice cable in canada
buy monoprice cable in canada

Too much plastic? Then look at the Hook Cable Clips. Each package includes 100 hooks, for just $1.57. These plastic hooks, complete with steel nail, offer you the freedom to rig up any loose running wires to the walls or ceiling of your workspace, tidying up the place and keeping your wires safe. Easy to install, and great for retrofitting your current cable situation, just measure up, hammer in, and presto! Your cables are now tidy and secure.


Looking for something a little less permanent? Then check out the 100 pack of Cable Ties, for just $0.99, you can collect your jumbled wires and fasten them quickly with these zip ties. They’re easy to use, just watch this video and get an idea for yourself!


Monoprice Ethernet Cables are top-of-the-line, economical Cat6 networking cables, available in a variety of colours.


Some of the coolest Ethernet cable solutions are the SlimRun, starting at just $3.49 for a half-foot. These networking cables are thinner and lighter than conventional Cat6 cables, as well as component tested to guarantee superior performance over channel-rated patch cables. These are perfect for data centres and telecom rooms where space comes at a premium.


If you need more wire and optimized speeds for broadband connections, then consider the popular 1000-foot Cat6 Solid Bulk Cable, on sale until June 12 for just $149.99, a deal complemented by free shipping to anywhere in Canada and a lifetime warranty. It’s high quality, bare copper wire perfect for Gigabit Ethernet and suitable for PC, TV, media servers, routers, gaming consoles, and servers.


Last but not least, Monoprice HDMI cables: these are what made Monoprice what it is today. For personal set ups, the Premium 24AWG CL2 High Speed HDMI Extension Cable is what you’ll want, priced at just $8.99. This cable, available in 5 different lengths, is the perfect solution to extending your HDMI connection without having to buy an entirely different length of wire. Its CL2 rating indicates it’s safe for installation through or inside residential walls, meeting the requirements of fire safety and insurance. If you need something more substantial, check out the 45-foot version, for just $78.52, including free shipping.


All orders $49 and greater come with free shipping all over Canada. For all your cable needs, all you need is PrimeCables.ca!