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Looking for Monoprice Cables in Canada – Visit

Monoprice is a great brand name for audio cables and one PrimeCables is proud to offer its thousands of Canadian customers, especially during Black Friday 2018 deals Monoprice has a lot of amazing home theater and consumer cables on discount from PrimeCables, including HDMI cables, video cables, audio cables, USB cables, and DisplayPort cables. There’s no shortage of options from…

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How to Pick the Right Monitor Mount from Monoprice Canada

Have you ever thought about mounting your monitor and upgrading your workstation – well, there’s never been a better time to buy. Browsing today’s collection of monitor mounts, you’ll see them range from single monitor mounts and dual monitor mounts to as many as four-monitor mounts, six-monitor mounts, and beyond! If you already have a low quality monitor stand, choosing…

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The Best True Wireless Earphones exclusively at!

The brand new Monoprice® True Wireless Earphones are Monoprice’s rechargeable fully functional Bluetooth earphones coming soon to for the low price of $89.99, including free shipping anywhere in Canada. Forget about all your old wires and welcome to the future of earphones. Featuring powerful sound reproduction, ergonomic design, and up to 3.5 hours of continuous playback, connecting to your…

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Back to School Deal Highlight: Get a Dual Headphone Stand Hanger for under $20

Back to school is one of the most important shopping seasons of the year and we’ve got school supplies for every type of lifestyle. Right now, you can get the PrimeCables® Headphone Stand for just $14.99, an aluminum alloy hanger that can hold two pairs of headphones in a clean and organized manner. If you’re an amateur musician and video gamer, this…

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Back to school Tips: Get New Headphones and Earbuds for Cheap for the Walk Home from School

The rituals of back to school shopping focus a lot of school supplies and products needed for the classroom, and rightfully so! That said, there might be other parts of the school experience to consider when shopping. For example, the walk home. For kids everywhere, the commutes to and from school can sometimes be very boring. When they’re out and…

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Canadian alternative Monoprice cables, pay less on shipping and customs fees!

Monoprice® Canada is the brand famous for offering high quality, affordable cables for all your TV, home theatres, networking, and audio needs. As one of Monoprice’s top resellers, you can avoid paying for exorbitant shipping and customs fees by ordering Canadian Monoprice through PrimeCables! Monoprice Cable Management Tools are the most popular Monoprice product that we ship. Whether you’re looking…

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Things you don’t know about “Primecables”, AKA Canadian Monoprice!

Update 5/31: We are going to celebrate our 4th PrimeCables Birthday Anniversary on our site, feel free to check our page and stay tuned.     PrimeCables Brand Story: The establishment of the Primecables brand started with a true story that happened during the harsh winter of 2013, when one of our colleague- Andrew, accidentally had his cable destroyed by his beloved…

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