Now you Got a PC Monitor from Best Buy, get a Desk Mount on Black Friday from

PrimeCables’ Black Friday deals 2018 are concentrated on some key categories including cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, tools, appliances, smart home accessories, home theater accessories, and more.

PC monitors are a great buy on Black Friday weekend, possibly saving Canadians hundreds. Gamers, home theater enthusiasts, and students in need of a computer monitor may be referred to PrimeCables deals or they may wish to browse Best Buy, Walmart, or other locations.

After you have a great computer monitor to work from, the next step is in getting set up with a desk mount. There are a number of Black Friday desk mount deals available or a limited time including the dual LCD monitor heavy duty desk mount for $49.99 which is fully adjustable fitting two screens up to 27” each. There’s also the single monitor desk mount for $14.99, a dual screen desktop mount with 360-degrees movement for $64.99, an a triple screen desktop mount for monitors up to 30” in size for $49.99.

Best Black Friday 2018 monitor mount deals at PrimeCables
Best Black Friday 2018 monitor mount deals at PrimeCables

Ask anyone using a monitor as their primary source of entertainment knows the ultimate setup includes a monitor mount of some kind. Believe us when we say it makes things a heck of a lot more comfortable when one’s stuck on their computer all day working, gaming, watching movies, or whatever the case. If you have one, two, or three monitors, that’s a lot of desk space being taken up sans mount. By installing a monitor mount, you free up this space while suspending your flat-screen monitors in mid-air, creating an immersive and somewhat theatrical viewing setup.

Match your PC monitor Black Friday purchase with a good quality desk mount from PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites for PC and TV accessories, we’ve sold thousands upon thousands of mounts to households across Canada, for home office enthusiasts, streamers, and gamers. Needless to say, your desk will look way more impressive using a monitor mount and, if your mount is adjustable in any way, you’ll be able to better angle your screens when you have people over.

This Black Friday, double your desk space by removing the biggest items that are busying it up. Positioning your monitors on mounts gives you more options and takes advantage of PrimeCables’ desk mount technology.

For dedicated Canadians who need to be at a desk constantly throughout the day and who want things to be more ergonomically accommodating, Black Friday 2018, drop in to catch all the greatest deals.

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