The Complete LCD Monitor Arm Buying Guide

The ultimate LCD monitor buying guide is here from PrimeCables! Needless to say, if you’re searching for a monitor arm for your desk, you’ve come to the right place. Instead of stacking up your monitor on books, boxes, or whatever the case, purchase and adjustable monitor arm. Instantly see the difference in presentation.

TygerClaw full motion monitor mount from Primecables
TygerClaw full motion monitor mount from Primecables

An adjustable monitor arm provides a user the chance to adjust height and angle as needed. Whether you have one monitor, two monitors, or three, a monitor arm can handle everything you need it to. Combine them with a sit-standing height adjustable desk and you’ll really have something special! Depending on your needs, there’s a lot of customizations you can do.


If you’re considering buying a monitor arm for yourself, you may wish to know why others have. An adjustable monitor mount ensures a screen can be placed at the right height, depth, and angle. It helps to promote good posture, reduces eye strain, and ensures you don’t need to hunch – ever! Remember, if you’re experiencing any neck, shoulder, or back pain, eye strain, or hip pain related to prolonged sitting or hunching over the desk, an arm can help fix that.


Beyond the aesthetically impressive nature of an LCD monitor arm, you should find it a more comfortable setup. If you’re a gamer, this is great for long bouts of button mashing. If it’s for your home office, it’ll help boost productivity and help you work more efficiently. Also, if it’s in a corporate office or in a multi-person workspace, monitor arms like these can be easily adjusted according to personal preference. Unlike the hassles of having a monitor placed on boxes or something that doesn’t look so great, a monitor arm comes with a lot of functionality making it highly adaptable to different environments.


Before buying an LCD monitor arm, ensure your purchase choice is VESA compliant with your monitor. Identifying where its mounting holes are, your monitor’s VESA specifications should be indicated on its back. It is worth noting that many Apple products and some lesser known computer brands are not VESA compliant, requiring a special VESA adapter before a mounting arm is able to be used. Also, the weight of your monitor will also have effect. Select the appropriate mount for your workspace, reviewing the different options you have.


Visit PrimeCables today for LCD monitor arms and more to help create the ultimate height adjustable ergonomic work experience!

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