Top 10 Reasons When Choosing a Sit Stand Desk for your Office

The average Canadian sits for a minimum of nine hours a day at their desk. Up to 85 percent of Canadians experience discomfort on the job, with the vast majority seeing this from bad office desk etiquette. It’s time to choose a sit-stand desk for your office workstation. Here’s 10 reasons why.



Get better height with a height adjustable sit standing desk. Between 22.6” and 48.7” is best though evidently this varies per person. If people are sharing the desk, it’ll require some range.



Depth allows workers to spread out their things and work. If you don’t have much to spread out, you may be able to save some money examining smaller standing desk models.



Mechanisms used to raise and lower one’s desk can be loud and disruptive. Ensure when buying a sit-standing desk that any noise is minimized as not to bother other workers in the office.



Ergonomic desks allow for more movement, between sitting and standing. You’ll help keep metabolism up while engaging the muscles throughout the day.



Some desks can take time to raise and lower. The faster the speed, the more convenient it’ll be to adjust and get moving.


Buy Power

Powered height adjustable desks and electric risers require access to an electricity source. If you’re able to find it, it’s an easy way to avoid having to bend over throughout the day to constantly be raising and lowering.


Leg fatigue

If your legs or knees are ever fatigued using a computer desk, some of the things you may want to consider purchasing includes supportive shoes, a gel mat, or an ergonomic foot rest.



There are weight restrictions to any desk. If you’re carrying a lot of weight on your desk, consider moving it elsewhere to keep things fluid.



Some desks come with pre-programmed heights while other desks will allow you to program themselves. Be sure to experiment and find the right heights that maximize your productivity.



A height adjustable computer desk is so much more functional than a non-ergonomic desk. It’s a great way to add some impressive hi-tech to your workstation. Give it a whole new functional look and feel.


These are some of the factors that go into choosing a sit-standing desk. Browse all the best standing desks in Canada with PrimeCables. Join today’s most advanced offices and create a modern workstation that gets you excited for work day-in and day-out. See a variety of options with PrimeCables and see the best prices in Canada.

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