7 Things to Consider when Buying Ethernet Cable for your Home or Business

Choosing the right Ethernet cable for residential, commercial, or industrial use relies on knowing what requirements need to be fulfilled. Here are 7 things you need to consider when buying Ethernet cable.


Which CAT.


CAT 5 cables are suitable for low-level application and any connections requiring standard Internet speeds. Comparatively, CAT 6 Ethernet cables operate at more than double the frequency than CAT 5 and passes high-data transfer speeds. Above CAT 6 cables, you’ll find even higher speeds on your Internet connection.


Size of the conductor.

Conductors are what determines the data speed over long distances. Ethernet conductors are divided between 26 and 24 AWG. Conductors of larger sizes are recommended for long distances. If you choose to use 22 AWG Ethernet cables or similarly alternative conductor sizes, please note you will need corrective RJ45 conductors to compensate.


Shielded Ethernet cables v. unshielded.

Unshielded Ethernet cables are used for most general work environments. Shielded cables are made from foil or braid to protect the signal, commonly used in noisy environments. In any case, prioritizing durability and noise protection ensures a high quality Ethernet fix.


Cable selection.

If it’s an industrial environment, a high level of security standards are expected. For construction or chemical environments, it’s important for cables to be safe to use. Polyurethane is an ideal material as it has mineral oil resistance and are halogen-free. The type of conductors also matters as solids are great for industry use and standard conductors are flexible enough for static applications.


Packet stability.

Data packet drops cause losses of data, money, and energy. When packets don’t reach their destination, this is what a ‘packet drop’ is. When your network has a deterministic Ethernet system, this is the best way to protect packet transfers. High quality Internet services can also be used to prioritize sensitive traffic, ensuring no packet drops occur over your system.


Knowing the environment.

Environment factors which could influence what Ethernet cable you choose includes humidity, vibrations, dust, and more. Any of these can disrupt signal transmission through damaging switches or hardware. Overall network performance can also be affected, if you haven’t purchased Ethernet cable to combat the natural environment which surrounds it.


Knowing the requirements.

Based on what your requirements are, oftentimes this will be what decides the type of cable to purchase. The right type of cables differs according to industry requirements. A vital part of any network’s success, the wrong Ethernet cable can really mess up a connection.

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Cat5, Cat6, or Cat7 Ethernet Network Cables – Which One’s Best

Although wireless is all where it’s at right now, anyone serious about getting the fastest speeds from their Internet are using classic network Ethernet cables to achieve this. If we’re talking connectivity, there’s nothing quite like Ethernet cables, currently available in types ranging from Cat5 to Cat7. Selecting the right Ethernet cable for your home can be the key to a Pandora’s Box of Internet capability and if you’re wondering what the best Ethernet cable is, we can help.

network cable canada
network cable Canada

When you’re reading these things like ‘Cat1’, ‘Cat4’, ‘Cat5’, etc., the ‘Cat’ being referred to stands for Category. The higher the number, the higher the bandwidth speed your cable is capable of. Anything below Cat5 has been made obsolete and aren’t really used anymore in household connections. Cat5e Ethernet cable has become one of the most popular Ethernet cables – despite the fact that Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8 are in essence better and more advanced cables.


Comparatively, Cat5 is popular however has nearly been made obsolete by what’ come after. Improving upon what’s in the Cat5, the Cat5e cable stands for ‘Category 5 enhanced’. Some features consumers can enjoy using a Cat5e cable is reduced signal interference from other wires and a transmission speed of up to 1 Gbps. If you’re looking at what the most cost-effective Ethernet cable is, it has to be the Cat5e. It’s more than appropriate for wired connections in residential and commercial settings.


Now we come upon Cat6 Ethernet cables. Supporting transmission speeds up to 10 Gpbs, the unfortunate thing is that the longer the cable, the more speed is reduced. Even so, Cat6 cables continue to improve on the previous Cat5e and for that reason, is slightly more expensive. If you’re really looking to talk about extremes, we can refer you to the Cat7 cable which boasts a huge transmission speed of up to 40 Gpbs at fifty metres in length and a massive 100 Gpbs at distances up to 15 meters. Cat7 Ethernet cables are generally stiffer cables and they come with a higher price tag than the other Ethernet cables mentioned here.


So which one is best – the answer relies entirely on what you’re looking for. Cat5e is the most affordable while still providing a good performance. Cat5e Ethernet cables are also the most flexible physically speaking. That said, Cat6 Ethernet cables and Cat7 Ethernet cables boast higher speeds and an overall better performance.


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How to Use an Ethernet Cable to Connect your Home

Are you looking to hook up your Ethernet cable to connect your home – PrimeCables can help. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for Ethernet cables and network solutions, browse dozens of products to help connect your home with the fastest Internet cables on the market.


The first step towards connecting your Ethernet cable will be to set yourself up with a great modem. Connect your modem to where is recommended and then use a router to connect to the room where you want to have Ethernet access. Test to ensure your WiFi is working fine. If Internet’s working, that’s great. Now we can move onto the next step which is installing your Ethernet cable.

network ethernet cables
network ethernet cables

Connect the Ethernet cable to from the port on the back of the router to the patch panel. In a nutshell, that’s all you really need to go to hook up your Ethernet cable. Now if your Ethernet connection is not working, you may want to check your modem’s capabilities to see if there’s a problem with what’s expected in the connection chain.


Keep in mind that unless you’ve bought your Ethernet cable from a reputable company like PrimeCables, the cable itself could be broken or there may be an issue with the connectivity there. If you’re working with a professional installer, they may be able to test the Ethernet cable.


For the average Canadian household, the hardest thing about creating an Ethernet connection will be figuring out how to get the cable from your computer or devices and to your router. Ideally, your PC will only be a metre or two away from the router. If not, you may have to drill some holes in the wall or through the floor, having to run cable along the way to get a connection. Using a Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7 network cable, or more advanced Ethernet cable, you can keep the process simple and straightforward.


Some of the top Ethernet cable deals in Canada include six feet of Cat6 Ethernet network cable for $1.59, ten feet of Cat6 Ethernet cable for $2.15, 1 feet of Cat5e bare copper Ethernet cable for $1.14, ten feet fo Cat5e Ethernet network cable for $1.91, fifteen feet of Cat 5e network cable for $2.29, and 25 feet of Cat6 Ethernet network cable for $3.43.


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Keystone jacks are a necessary component in the arsenal of many home theater enthusiasts in Canada.


A keystone is a standardized snap-in package that allows one to mount any of a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks and/or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate, face plate, surface-mount box, or patch panel.


Keystone jacks are used predominantly in commercial telecommunications although they also have residential purpose for those who know how to use them. Be it for a telephone line or, more popularly, an Ethernet Internet network connection, keystone jacks certainly have a role to play in increasing connectivity in the home.


Keystone jacks typically accept Ethernet cable like CAT5, CAT6e, or similar connections. They typically measure 14.5mm x 16mm high and are held in place by flexible tabs. In general, they are easy to snap into a mounting plate.


All keystones are interchangeable and replaceable, which allows for some flexibility in arrangement and mounting. There are some keystones which use a pass-through type connector while others have a jack on the front and an alternative mechanism on the back. The most popular types of keystones include RJ-11 modular jacks for telephones, RJ-45 modular jacks which are used for computer networking, F-connectors for cable TV or satellite, RCA jacks, HDMI jacks, optical fiber connectors, BNC connectors, USB jacks, speaker terminals, and banana connectors.


Keystone jacks were first invented in the late 1970s though at the time, this was a very primitive design not yet released commercially. The current design of what is known as a ‘keystone’ came to exist in the mid-1990s, originally used for telephone connection. In the decades that followed, keystones were popularized across North America for their amazing connectivity and other advantages.


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In related categories, you can also find some amazing keystone accessories to add to your haul. Network Ethernet cable is available currently on discount up to 90% off. Wall plates are also on-sale, allowing you to add the finishing touches to your installation. We also have cable cutting tools, network testers, crimp tools, installation tool kits, and network modular connectors.


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What is the Difference between CMP, CMR, CM-CMG, CMX cables – read here!

If you’re in the market for residential or commercial cables, PrimeCables has got some great deals on a wide range of different options. That said, there are some key differences between CMP, CMR, CM/CMG, and CMX cables that you may want to note.

PrimeCables offers CMR, CMX cables cheap in bulk!
PrimeCables offers CMR, CMX cables cheap in bulk!

CMP cables

CMP cables are plenum cables. CMP cables are manufactured specifically to be used as network cable when/if said cable needs to be done in an air duct. Appropriate for both residential and commercial spaces, CMP cables do not combust and is considered fireproof. For example, if there is a fire on the cable, it melts and emits little toxic fumes.


CMR cables

CMR cables are riser cables and used for regular networking from room for room. As long as the cable does not require having to pass through an air duct, CMR cables are the ideal option. For example, if you drill a small hole in the floor of your second level, you can easily pass one of these CMR cables through from one level to another.


CM/CMG cables

CM/CMG cables are a commercial grade communication cable. In Canada, they are the most popular cable type for commercial application.


CMX cables

CMX cables are a residential grade communication cable, very popular in Canadian households across the country. CMX cables are typically used when the number of communication cables required is small. Thereby, they are perfect for smaller applications or those in residential settings.


Depending in the nature of your home build, renovation, or industrial project, these are some of the fundamental differences between CMP, CMR, CM/CMG, and CMX cables. Get all this and more at Canada’s top eCommerce source for cables, PrimeCables.


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A brief summary of Ethernet Cat cables

PrimeCables.ca is the best online source for cables in Canada, offering the greatest deals, lowest everyday prices, and the expertise you want to know what you need. If you’re looking to install an Ethernet cat cable system in your home, office, or place of business, then here’s everything there is to know about Ethernet cat cables.

If you’re doing a home or office network setup or just want to hook up a phone set, then look no further than your standard Cat5e cable, such as the PrimeCables® Cat 5e RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable, just $1.59 each, available in bundles, too. Measuring six feet in length and featuring a white jacket, this 350MHz UTP patch cable with 24 AWG 4 pair stranded design is the ideal universal solution for all your networking needs.

Often referred to simply as Cat 5, this type of cable transmits up to 100 Mbps, typically uses RJ45 connectors, and features standard 100 MHz bandwidth. Unless you’re an engineer, this is most likely the type of cable installed to connect your desktop to the network and hook up the phone in your cubicle or office.

Cat 6 refers to a backwards compatible Ethernet cable that is superior in both its prevention of crosstalk, system noise, and in its standard performance of 250 Mhz bandwidth, as well as supporting 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Our recommended Cat 6 cable is the PrimeCables® Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable, just $1.49 each, also sold in packages containing 5 and 10. These 550MHz UTP 24AWG cables are our ubiquitous solution to all your Cat 6 cable needs.

Whereas Cat 6 can transmit 10Gbit/s over a distance of 55m total, Cat 6a, on the other hand, augments the maximum allowable length up to standard 328 feet (about 100m) distance. You can find our catalogue of Cat 6 and 6a cables here.

You may come across Cat 6e, although this is not a standard label recognized by the telecommunications Industry Association, responsible for designating the categories of Ethernet cables. It either refers to a false upgrade, mimicking the difference between Cat 5 and Cat 5e, or erroneously refers to Cat 6a by mistake.

There are no longer any legitimate RJ45 connector Cat 7 cables being manufactured nowadays; the connectors it features are GG45, TERA, and ARJ45, which currently find themselves on no network hardware devices at all. The next generation of Gigabit Ethernet compatible cables are designated as Cat 8.

For that, we have the Monoprice® Cat8 S-FTP Ethernet Network Cable from the Entegrade Series coming soon. This 2GHz bandwidth, 40Gbit/s Ethernet compatible cable is as sexy, fast, and safe as they come. Starting at just $16.30, they come in a variety of lengths, up to 50 feet, and colours, including black, purple, orange, white, and more.

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We’ve also got a lot of bulk cable accessories such as the RJ45 modular plugs for Cat5/Cat5e Ethernet cable in a 100/pack for $8.99, Cat6 plug solid with inserts 100/pack for $6.49, Cat6 punch down keystone jack for $1.29, Cat5e punch down keystone jack for $1.14, and a 10/pack of 2-port keystone wall plates for RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, for $2.99. There’s no shortage of bulk cable accessories with PrimeCables. No matter what you’re building and no matter how much you need, it’s almost a guarantee you can find it with Canada’s one-stop shop for all things home cables.


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