See the Best Christmas Gifts under $50 from Canada’s PrimeCables

The best holiday presents found anywhere in Canada in the under-$50 category are here and they can all be found in a single place – Canada’s very own growing eCommerce giant, PrimeCables. Don’t let the holidays be a stress and a struggle. Instead of shuffling through a mall of flustered people trying to get the same shopping done, sit down and do it online. For the perfect collection of holiday gifts, these are some of our favourites from PrimeCables’ official holiday gift guide.


Glass ergonomic tabletop riser – $9.99

Ideal for flat-screen computer monitors, TVs, audio equipment, and more, purchasing a glass tabletop riser is a great addition to any workstation. If you’re buying for a gamer, someone with a  home office, a student, or a young professional, if they aren’t using a laptop and are still on a desktop, raise their monitor a little and create more space on the desk for them.


Apple-certified 1-metre lightning to USB cable – $5.99

Affordably priced, this Apple-certified USB lightning cable is a great gift for anyone with a smartphone. 100% compatible with any Apple product, it’s compact, complete with fast charge and sync capabilities, and has an impressive reversible USB design. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty and free returns included. Any USB lightning cable like this is an easy choice.


Full motion articulating TV wall mount – $39.99


This Christmas, the ultimate way to upgrade a home theater system is here. If the person you’re buying for already has a flat-screen television, check to see if there’s space to hang it on the wall. If they don’t have it set up properly on something pleasing to the eye, consider buying a full-motion TV wall mount. Features include an extension, tilt, swivel, and rotate functions for flat-screens up to 110 pounds in weight.


Dual LCD monitor desk mount – $49.99

Any gamer or young professional working from two monitors should have a two-screen monitor mount like this. Fully adjustable for any two screens up to 27” in size, enjoy 180-degree swivel, 45-degree tilt, and 360-degree rotation ensuring monitors can be viewed from almost any perspective. A user can freely adjust their monitors as needed to maximize their gaming experience.

PrimeCables monitor wall mount
PrimeCables monitor wall mount

See more Christmas gifts under $50 from PrimeCables, including under the categories of home theater essentials, Ethernet cables, smartphone accessories, Apple-certified USB cables, portable home theater devices, ergonomic office accessories, and more. Save potentially $100s and spend less while getting a similar number of gifts. Keep spending in check with Canada’s biggest eCommerce budget warehouse online shopping centre, PrimeCables!

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