Can you Really Increase your Productivity with a Sit-Stand Desk – yes, actually!

There’s a growing amount of studies being produced on ergonomically designed height adjustable sit standing desks. An area that has a lot of people interested is in how they impact productivity. A lot of sit-stand desk sellers claim that these ergonomic desks can improve productivity but can they actually do that – well, let’s take a look.


When we work, it’s a habit to sit in a chair and in front of a desk. If you’re an office worker in Canada, that’s what you do. All day long, we’re sitting – at work, in our cars, on the subway or bus, watching TV, and eating. The more that we sit, the less we spend time on other things. I mean, think about it. Eight hours a day sitting down, eight hours a day sleeping, plus all those other activities, and it all adds up to the majority of our days being spend sedentary.


When it comes time to get to work, people who are have less motion in their daily lives tend to move slower, think slower, and their productivity can be impacted by that. Of course, this may not apply to everyone but it applies to a lot of people who live sedentary lives. Sit-standing desks were created to encourage standing at work because when we stand, physically, we’re engaged and that extends our concentration.


A recent study published by the Texas A&M University shared how employees who stood at work as opposed to sitting increased their productivity by 23 percent in the first month of doing so and then, within six months, their productivity had increased by 63 percent. Naturally though, no one wants to be standing all day long. So ergonomic height adjustable desks are usually preferred, allowing an employee to move the desk to different heights depending on whether they want to be standing or seated.


Sit-stand desks are not there to take away sitting. What it’s there for is to combat prolonged sitting by providing a second option on what to do with your body while you work. Anyone who sits eight hours a day is physically idle and it’s only a matter of time until that impacts their mental state. Physically speaking, the less engaged you are, the less your mental instincts will be. That’s what we want to avoid.


For anyone looking to improve their work performance, either for personal or professional reasons, consider purchasing an ergonomically designed height adjustable sit-standing desk. Believe us when we say that you will notice a difference. And, should you not enjoy the whole ‘standing while you work’ gig, no worries because you can always convert your sit-standing desk back into a seated position whenever you please.

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