Cat5, Cat6, or Cat7 Ethernet Network Cables – Which One’s Best

Although wireless is all where it’s at right now, anyone serious about getting the fastest speeds from their Internet are using classic network Ethernet cables to achieve this. If we’re talking connectivity, there’s nothing quite like Ethernet cables, currently available in types ranging from Cat5 to Cat7. Selecting the right Ethernet cable for your home can be the key to a Pandora’s Box of Internet capability and if you’re wondering what the best Ethernet cable is, we can help.

network cable canada
network cable Canada

When you’re reading these things like ‘Cat1’, ‘Cat4’, ‘Cat5’, etc., the ‘Cat’ being referred to stands for Category. The higher the number, the higher the bandwidth speed your cable is capable of. Anything below Cat5 has been made obsolete and aren’t really used anymore in household connections. Cat5e Ethernet cable has become one of the most popular Ethernet cables – despite the fact that Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8 are in essence better and more advanced cables.


Comparatively, Cat5 is popular however has nearly been made obsolete by what’ come after. Improving upon what’s in the Cat5, the Cat5e cable stands for ‘Category 5 enhanced’. Some features consumers can enjoy using a Cat5e cable is reduced signal interference from other wires and a transmission speed of up to 1 Gbps. If you’re looking at what the most cost-effective Ethernet cable is, it has to be the Cat5e. It’s more than appropriate for wired connections in residential and commercial settings.


Now we come upon Cat6 Ethernet cables. Supporting transmission speeds up to 10 Gpbs, the unfortunate thing is that the longer the cable, the more speed is reduced. Even so, Cat6 cables continue to improve on the previous Cat5e and for that reason, is slightly more expensive. If you’re really looking to talk about extremes, we can refer you to the Cat7 cable which boasts a huge transmission speed of up to 40 Gpbs at fifty metres in length and a massive 100 Gpbs at distances up to 15 meters. Cat7 Ethernet cables are generally stiffer cables and they come with a higher price tag than the other Ethernet cables mentioned here.


So which one is best – the answer relies entirely on what you’re looking for. Cat5e is the most affordable while still providing a good performance. Cat5e Ethernet cables are also the most flexible physically speaking. That said, Cat6 Ethernet cables and Cat7 Ethernet cables boast higher speeds and an overall better performance.


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