Using a Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar to raise the Bar of your Home Theater Sound

PrimeCables is delighted to introduce an alternative to the traditional surround sound systems, multimedia speakers, and bookshelf speakers that occupy home theater systems around Canada.


A wireless Bluetooth soundbar implemented into your home theater sound, you can instantly see the bar raise with that same high quality sound you’ve always wanted in addition to being able to pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.


More and more, we are seeing home theater systems move towards being completely wireless. This is understandable. After all, home entertainment centers are notoriously filled with all sorts of cables.


Now more than ever, with so many devices to connect, we have sound cables, HDMI cables, USB cables, TV cables, speaker cables, and all sorts of necessary accessories. Although necessary, wouldn’t it be great to go wireless – consider it.


Home theater enthusiasts looking for a way to make an affordable upgrade, you can go wireless now with any of PrimeCables’ Bluetooth soundbar. We actually have a few different options that have been bookmarked by thousands of Canadians.


There’s the stereo Bluetooth soundbar and wired subwoofer for w/ free shipping included to anywhere in Canada for $99.99.


There’s also the stereo soundbar Bluetooth 2.0 wired and wireless speakers w/ free shipping included for $56.99.


If you’re living in a smaller room, small apartment, or small condo and have an appropriately sized small TV, there’s also a small portable Bluetooth mini home theater system for $39.99.


Across these products, you’ll enjoy superior sound quality, high-resolution audio, smart functionality, and a sleek, modern design.


Fill every corner of your room with a strong, multi-dimensional sound in a way you haven’t been able to, in the past. When you want to sync up a podcast or some music from your smartphone, you don’t need some elaborate wire or cable setup. All you need to do is enable the Bluetooth on your device and get it in. Incredibly convenient, you’ll be glad to have it. These soundbar models are among the best in Canada, especially at their price point.


Getting set up with an affordable and wireless Bluetooth soundbar has never been easier. Blending affordability, style, and technology, enjoy your wireless Bluetooth soundbar on your terms. Experience the full benefits of your home theater system and expand its capability. Do so with PrimeCables and enjoy that fast, free shipping we offer on any order above $49. Innovation has never been so affordable. See an amazing, versatile performance in any of the Bluetooth products available on PrimeCables.

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