Why you Don’t Need more than 720p Resolution for Small to Medium Sized TVs

If you’re looking to buy a small to medium sized TV, although you may have your heart set on 1080p or 4K, consumers usually don’t need more than 720p resolution tv . Here’s why.

primecables 32" TV
primecables 32″ TV

1080p resolution is the most popular category of TVs bought today however most TVs being purchased are of a medium to large variety. If you’re looking for smaller TVs, you can find 1080p flat-screens out there however they come at a cost.


When looking at smaller screens, you may be pushed towards buying a 4K because of all the great things spoken about it. Although 4K’s amazing, are you really going to be able to see all of that beautiful detail on a smaller screen – absolutely not. As a matter of fact, regarding 1080p, many people mistake 720p signals for 1080p all the time. Especially on smaller screens, picture quality comes very close between 720p and 1080p.


Although it’s easy to look down upon 720p resolution, some of the world’s biggest corporations broadcast in it. Do you know what resolution ABC, FOX, ESPN, and Disney broadcast in – you guessed it, 720p. Believe us when we say that you probably won’t notice a difference between 1080p and 720p on flat-screens sized 32 inches or lower.


There are a lot of advantages to buying a smaller 720p TV. They’re easy to fit into different parts of the home, are more inexpensive than their larger counterparts, and can be customized according to what you need.


If you want it to be a smart TV, you can buy a smart TV box and personalize your flat-screen right there with the apps you need. Also, assuming you want accessories along the lines of a Bluetooth soundbar, an HDTV antenna, or something else, small TVs are compatible with all these and more.


Some other advice we can offer in purchasing a 720p resolution TV is to ensure it has an HDMI port. Functionality is still very important, no matter the resolution so be sure to compare specifications and to know what you’re going to be using your flat-screen for.


Needless to say, PrimeCables’ small to medium sized  720p TVs have received strong reviews from customers. If you’re looking for a positive experience with an easy-to-use, simple, small, and affordable flat-screen TV, shop it in 720p on discount at Canada’s own PrimeCables. Shop all your favourite home theater accessories, smart TV boxes, and more. Enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all TV purchases.

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