Understanding Cat6 Ethernet Cable for your Internet Cable Knowledge

Replacing your Cat5 and Cat5e networking cables is a smart move as Internet speeds are increasing. Cat6 Ethernet cables are far and away an installation you won’t regret making.


Considered the sixth generation of Ethernet cables, Cat6 cables are used today across thousands of homes and buildings all over Canada. Cat6 Ethernet cables are also ‘backwards compatible’ with the Cat5 and Cat5e standard ensuring that any sort of replacement or connection that needs to be made is easily done.


Cat6 cables, otherwise known as ‘Category 6’ cables, support Gigabit Ethernet data transfer at one gigabit per second. Up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections can be accommodated over a distance of 164 feet per cable. Inside, you’ll notice 4 pairs of copper wire, used to obtain the highest level of performance. You’ll see that Cat6 cables also carry with them the same RJ-45 connector found on all Ethernet cables.


Now, there is an enhanced version of Cat6 cables which are known as Cat6a or ‘Category 6 Augmented’. The augmented version of the Cat6 cable enables 10 Gigabit Ethernet data rates over a single cable run of up to 328 feet – roughly double the distance the original Cat6 cable can handle. If you have the right speed with Cat6 cables but are concerned about distance, Cat6a cables are added certainty. Cat 6a cables cost a little more and are generally thicker however they’re well worth the purchase for some residents.


As an alternative to Cat6 Ethernet cables, you may choose to go with Cat5 or Cat5e cables. Although they come at a slightly lower cost, Cat5 cables aren’t as fast as the Cat6 cables. Cat5 cables also lack the advanced technology of their counterpart. For the average home, Cat5e cables are oftentimes enough to get by. For commercial enterprises and business environments, Cat6 cables are a necessity as they provide more support and will carry the high Internet speeds shared on the network. The only limitation on Cat6 cables are the length at which they can perform at before the data transfer rates begin to go down. Alternatively, if you’re replacing Cat5 cables, you’ll immediately notice a big difference in Internet speeds as it’s like day and night. Cat6 cables are up to 10 times faster than Cat5 cables.


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