How to Set Up and Use an Ethernet Connection on an Apple iPad

Did you know you have the potential to use Ethernet on your iPad – you actually do. Just follow these steps to learn how to use a USB-C port on your Apple iPad to act as a portal to Ethernet. If you don’t have a USB-C port, unfortunately, you don’t have a way to connect to fast Ethernet. For the fortunate owners of the 2018 iPad Pro and similar models however, whether you’re on the road or using it at home, hooking up to a wired connection is simple.


The first thing you need is a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. This will be a device that provides you the opportunity to essentially convert your USB-C port into an Ethernet port. Using this adapter, you can then connect an Ethernet cable to the adapter. Lastly, just connect the Ethernet network cable to the router and you’re good to go. Setup is as easy as that. Now, go into your settings. You should be seeing a connection over Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi or cellular. Prior to using Ethernet on your iPad, be sure to turn off your WiFi completely just to make sure you’re not connected through a wireless connection.


The last thing we would recommend doing, especially if this is your first time using an iPad to connect to Ethernet, is to verify you are connected. Simply open up your ‘Settings’ app. Then, assuming you were successful in connecting, there will be an Ethernet menu item somewhere there. Click on it and tap on your USB-C Ethernet adapter. You should see your IP address and DNS. If you need to set up a proxy for whatever reason, you can do so here. If you don’t need a proxy, you’ve done everything you need to do to verify your Ethernet is working. If you do find there to be an issue, simply unplug everything from your iPad and re-connect.


The beauty about an Ethernet connection on an iPad is that you don’t really need to do much. Apple products in general are very easy to connect. As long as you have a working USB-to-Ethernet adapter, that’s all you need. You can also re-purpose this USB-to-Ethernet on any product with a USB port to connect it to Ethernet. Technically, it may also work with a tablet or smartphone or any kind as long as it has that USB port you absolutely 100% need. Buy yours today from PrimeCables, and browse other accessories and cables including USB-C cables, Ethernet networking cables, and more.

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