When you’re Active at Work with a Sit-Stand Desk, you get Several Health Benefits!

Did you know sitting for longer than thirty minutes can increase your diabetes risk significantly – keeping your body active as an office worker has never been more important. Any time a desk worker gets up off their butt, they activate their muscles and get blood flowing again. Doing this regularly is all it takes to combat any sort of health risks associated with prolonged sitting.


One of the best ways to encourage an office worker to keep themselves physically engaged is through ergonomic sit-standing desks. The average adult requires at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week to combat the risk of obesity. Unfortunately, between office work, commuting, TV and media watching, and sitting down to eat, the majority of us are sitting all day long.


All it takes to keep you physically engaged is switching up your position. Frequently doing so improves metabolism, triglyceride levels, BMI, and waist circumference. Active workstations like ergonomic desks are finding their way into workplace culture for their ability to give employees the opportunity to stay active in a single location. Everyone from Hollywood celebrities like Dwayne Johnson to upper-level corporate managers across the world are using these desks to keep themselves in tip top shape. There’s no reason everyday Canadian workers shouldn’t have the same.


There are many creative ways in which sit-stand desks are being implemented into corporate offices all over the world. There are some who have provided every employee with height adjustable desks. There are others who allow workers to bring in their own desks. There are also those who are sending out notifications to employees regularly throughout the day, giving them permission to stretch the legs for a couple minutes and get out of their seats.


Recently, an Australian company undertook a 1-year study where they used software to prompt workers to switch up their sedentary behaviour. The success of this study speaks for itself, with a massive 76 percent reduction in workers who used to never use the standing function on their electric sit-stand desks. Usage doubled and standing time increased by 45 percent, resulting in a healthier workforce, more productivity, and a happier team of employees. The more active workplace, the more benefit there is for the human beings at work and for the company.


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