Leave no Device without a Place to Charge with a Multi-Port USB Charger

Do you find yourself always running around looking for somewhere to plug in your USB cable to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other devices – us too!

USB smart charger with quick charge 2.0 from PrimeCables.ca
USB smart charger with quick charge 2.0 from PrimeCables.ca

The days of having a single USB charger has, in large part, passed. If you only have a 1-outlet charger, you’re going to have devices unplugged and with no place to plug in. That’s just how it is. Fortunately, there are now plenty of multi-port USB chargers available and they’re not that expensive, either. Plug in four or more devices, charge them just as fast, and don’t have to worry about what you’re going to charge on any given night.

Multi-port USB charges are perfect for families with kids who each have their own devices which need charging. They’re also great for multi-person homes, as is the case with university student housing. For the first time, you can efficiently charge every device safely and without overpowering your outlet.

PrimeCables’ best deal is a combination offer with a 3-port USB charger with a Nylon-braided lightning cable on discount. This way, you get one of the best USB cables we have, in addition to a multi-port USB connector you can use to charge the devices you need. For a limited time, the combo offer’s on sale for 29% off.

That’s far from the only USB charger we have in the PrimeCables catalogue however. Browse products like the Obsidian 6-port USB smart charger, the 3-outlet mini surge protector with USB charger included, and perhaps the most impressive offering we have with the most amount of ports you could want – that is, the 72-watt 10-port USB smart charging station.

It’s helpful to have a USB charger which can power multiple devices at the same time. Do you need 10 ports – well, probably not. If you’re living with five or six other people though, this many ports can be a smart purchase. If it’s just you or if you’re living in a household with a partner, a multi-port USB charger doesn’t need to carry much more than three outlets. That’s why we recommend the USB charger/lightning cable deal. It’s the perfect combination of cable and charger. As with all of our chargers, this USB charger has built-in safeguards to protect against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.


Bottom line – charge the devices you need at any given money with a multi-port USB charger from PrimeCables. Shop our eCommerce store today to see the latest discounts and deals on these.

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