Four Amazing USB Wall Chargers on-Sale for a Limited Time for PrimeCables B-Day Sale 2019

Less and less, Canadians are using their laptops to charge USB devices and instead are using chargers that plug into a wall outlet. These are much more convenient for a lot of people and especially in households with an abundance of outlets, it’s easy to set up a station to charge devices and simply plug in as needed.


June 2019 is PrimeCables’ big B-Day Sale and in celebration, dozens of USB accessories and chargers are getting marked down. One of the best deals on USB wall chargers you’ll find is our combo offer of an Apple-certified 1-metre USB lightning cable with a dual-port USB charger for $19.99. This saves you a ton of money and gets you a Nylon twine protected MFI-certified USB lightning cable included.

Combo – 1 x Apple 1m Certified Lightning Cable & 1 x Dual-Port USB Smart Wall Charger – PrimeCables®


Now, let’s say you don’t have a device in need of a USB lightning cable or maybe you require more outlets than a dual charger can provide. One of the best multi-port chargers is the Monoprice-branded Obsidian Series 5-port USB smart charger. For families with smartphones, tablets, and other devices, one or two of these is perfect. Receive up to 12 watts per port in an easily transportable design which can be easily thrown into a bag and taken to the office or wherever you may venture.

Obsidian Series 5-Port 8A USB Smart Charger – Monoprice®


Some households may want to do a complete re-design of their home outlets if they find they’re not using the normal outlets as much as expected. From Monoprice and available in the PrimeCables catalogue on sale, there’s an in-wall USB charger outlet with two USB ports and 1 outlet. Charge 2 mobile devices without having to plug in an independent wall charger. Everything’s already ready for you in the wall. Install it within minutes!

2 USB + 1 Outlet In-Wall Charger – Monoprice®


Should none of these USB wall chargers have caught your eye, try this. Consider a USB charger which is in fact not even a wall charger at all. Currently on sale through June 2019, the 72-watt 10-port charging station can charge up to 10 USB enabled devices at the same time and is highly recommended for families of five or more. For iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Nexus, and more, enjoy fast charging output across all devices. You won’t ever have to look for USB chargers again with this handy station.

72W 10-Ports USB Smart Charging Stand Station – PrimeCables®


Get these four high quality affordably-priced USB wall chargers for a limited time from PrimeCables. Celebrate our big June Birthday Sale with us and equip your household with everything it needs to thrive this summer!

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